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How To Conduct Copy Testing

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Are you penalized for testing commercials in "rough" form?
To determine whether "rough" commercials accurately reflect the impact of their finished counterparts, researchers compared the performance of rough and finished commercials using normative data derived from Consumer Outlook's Audience Response Profile (ARP) copy testing system. This technique consists of one-on-one interviews among target audience respondents in geographically dispersed markets.
New developments in TV copy testing promise better measures
This article discusses developments in TV advertising copy testing, including results of the ARF Copy Research Validity Project that tested six different copy testing methods for predictive validity. The author also shares results from pilot testing research on a new television copy testing service and advantages of this copy testing method.
What is great creative?
Billions of dollars spent on advertising each year go toward campaigns that don’t sell. Great creative isn’t simply aesthetically pleasing or technologically advanced. This article discusses great creative, including the 12 creative hot buttons that recur in the most sales-effective advertising.
A review of focus groups for advertising agencies
Focus groups have been conducted for advertising agencies for decades. This article presents a reexamination of the tool, discussing why advertising agencies conduct focus groups, the types of groups conducted, appropriate techniques for each type of focus group and designing focus groups.
Consumers tell Maryland Lottery what it really means to hit the jackpot
The Maryland State Lottery used quantitative, qualitative and anecdotal data to develop a branding and positioning ad campaign for a multi-state, mega-jackpot lottery game available to Maryland residents.

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The perils of copy testing in today’s advertising environment
Jeri Smith explores why copy testing doesn’t work as well as it should and outlines the challenges to making it more effective.

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