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Resources For Ethnic Market Research

We've grouped together all the information our site contains on Ethnic Research to help you quickly and easily find related articles, companies, events, jobs, associations, glossary definitions and more.

Related Articles

There are 105 articles in our archive related to this topic. Below are 5 selected at random and available to all users of the site.

Cultural adaptation of research procedures and instruments in Hispanic and other cultures
There are many perils lurking in the shadows of cultural diversity for the unaware researcher. The researcher must be able to adapt instruments and procedures to the cultural groups being researched. This article discusses cultural relevance and adaptation, noting the difference between a cultural interpreter and a translator.
Are out-of-the-box qualitative approaches needed to reach the Hispanic market?
With so many distinct segments (due to differences in age, country of origin, acculturation and language, etc.), the Hispanic market requires a host of different research techniques. In some instances, for example, online research can work. In others, on-the-street intercepts are called for.
Brazilian hair care firm Beleza Natural thrives by keeping close to its roots
On-site visits help researchers understand the icons and ideals used by a Brazilian hair care firm to both inspire and form a bond with its working-class customers.
Acculturation vs. assimilation among U.S. Hispanics: e-mail self-reports
U.S. marketers struggle to understand the U.S. Hispanic market. This article presents and discusses the results of an e-mail survey conducted with U.S. Hispanics, the goal of which is to understand key issues in the process by which U.S. Hispanics adapt to U.S. culture.
Survey finds Hispanic ad agencies adapting, changing
The authors surveyed a number of Hispanic ad agencies to determine their views on the current market, their clients, and the increasing role and power of Hispanic consumers in the U.S. marketplace.

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Recent Articles

Below are the 5 most recent articles on this topic. These articles were published within the last three years and are only available to registered subscribers.

A revised paradigm for Hispanic acculturation
To effectively understand Hispanic consumers, you must go beyond language and incorporate a range of cultural influences, the authors argue.
Why race still matters when marketing to African-Americans
The following is an adapted chapter from David R. Morse's Multicultural Intelligence book. The article focuses on black-white race relations in the U.S. and the societal and cultural obstacles involved in reaching African-Americans.
Data Use: Reconciling Hispanic product evaluation ratings
This article looks at a method for measuring the cultural component imbedded in Hispanic product ratings and how to combine survey data from Hispanics and non-Hispanics.
Tacos in Tel Aviv? Research advises Mexican restaurant chain against opening franchises in Israel
The authors discuss the variable aspects of conducting a feasibility study and detail the market research aspect of the effort using the proposed launch of Mexican dining franchises in Israel.
Cultural insights in clothes: three ways to understand Latino culture through the way Latinas dress
Latina women hold themselves to a different social code than traditional American women, and what they wear and how they present themselves can provide researchers with deeper insights into Hispanic culture and the consumer.

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