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Learn About Conducting Focus Groups

We've grouped together all the information our site contains on Focus Groups to help you quickly and easily find related articles, companies, events, jobs, associations, glossary definitions and more.

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The changing face of business-to- business qualitative research
While the goal of business-to-business research hasn’t changed, researchers are changing their qualitative research approaches. This article discusses trends in business-to-business qualitative research, including teleconferencing, conducting several one-on-one executive interviews and using interactive equipment in large-group research.
In Europe, qualitative research projects are often handled differently than in the U.S.
Qualitative researchers in Europe and the U.S. often take very different approaches and have very different expectations for their projects. The authors explore those differences and their origins and impacts.
Family research: Keep on trying 'til you reach the highest (common) ground
This article discusses the modern American family dynamic that elevates children's opinions, requiring researchers to rethink the established methodologies for evaluating family consumption and consider the family as a unit.
The art and science of effective qualitative interviews
To get the right results, you need the right tool. This article discusses in-depth interviews, including appropriateness, researcher selection, benefits and drawbacks, respondent recruitment, pricing and data analysis.
In Case You Missed It... June 2010
News and notes on marketing and research: anti-drinking advertising can backfire; Florida law enforcement using focus groups to solve cold cases; writing hotel reviews

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Recent Articles

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Sponsored Content: Get Them Talking: Five Innovations in Qualitative Market Research
In this white paper from Encuity Research, the authors discuss five qualitative research developments that can help marketers affect behavior, overcome barriers to adoption and develop creative materials and messaging that get results.
Tips from a market research Bond girl
From using tools and gadgets to exuding charm, Jennifer Schranz looks at what moderators can learn from Agent 007.
4 things qualitative researchers can learn from Humans of New York founder Brandon Stanton
Rather than proclaim qualitative dead, the author argues, researchers should invigorate the qualitative interview process by drawing inspiration from sources such as the popular Humans of New York blog.
Focus group recruiting in the era of big data
Robert Horowitz reflects on the role of recruiting in the qualitative process and argues for the value of taking the steps to do it right.
Topline Digest - November 10, 2014
A digest of marketing research and insights news and information. This issues keywords: data collection; audience engagement; personal data; mobile marketing

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