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Using The Kano Method In Market Research

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Customer-driven concept and product development
Success or failure of a new product depends on the creation of differentiation in the marketplace. The purpose of this article is to introduce several qualitative techniques for gaining a comprehensive, customer-driven focus for product and concept development. The four areas explained are: 1) gathering the “voice of the customer,” 2) identifying purchase triggers/need states, 3) understanding emotional constructs or core emotional values, and 4) determining brand image.
Use of the Kano method keeps Honeywell attuned to the voice of the customer
Honeywell Corp. uses a multi-step process that includes the Kano method survey to determine which products to develop or change and how development resources should be allocated, meeting its most important goal of providing relevant customer input in decisions making.
Assessing customer requirements: the Kano method
Satisfying customers begins the moment a business decides to market a product, service, or product and service bundle. This article describes a measurement process for assessing customer reactions to the features included in the product/service bundle.
Data Use: Design performance: the Kano model
Using a hypothetical example of a steakhouse restaurant, the author explores an application of the Kano method of gauging customer satisfaction.
Working with the Kano method
We have all heard about the Kano method, and how it can supposedly allow researchers to quickly and inexpensively break down preferences about a certain product or service. This article discusses the Kano method, including creating a Kano method survey, applying the method, and analysis.

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Recent Articles

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Best practices for key driver analysis
Key driver analysis is a versatile tool in the marketing research toolkit and can help clients uncover what is most important to consumers in a product or service category and understand where to focus their priorities.
Considerations in using the Kano method for international new-product surveys
A report on a research-on-research project involving potential problems with using the Kano method for international studies.

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