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Marketing Research Information And Resources

We've grouped together all the information our site contains on Marketing Research to help you quickly and easily find related articles, companies, events, jobs, associations, glossary definitions and more.

Related Articles

There are 111 articles in our archive related to this topic. Below are 5 selected at random and available to all users of the site.

Trade Talk: Welcome to our first issue
Managing Editor Beth Hoffman offers an introduction to the first issue of Quirk's Marketing Research Review, a new business magazine aimed at the buyers and sellers of marketing research product and services.
From the Publisher October 1986
Publisher Tom Quirk offers a welcome to the first issue of Quirk's Marketing Research Review magazine.
CASRO data collection guidelines
The Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) is the national trade association for commercial survey research firms in the United States. This article details CASRO’s data collection guidelines, including interview training, project briefing, interviewing, supervision, client billing and flexibility.
Agri-marketers direct mail with syndicated study
With direct mail being used more and more in the agriculture industry, farm equipment, seed, and chemical marketers are seeking answers to questions about how farmers are receiving their messages. This article discusses the findings of Mail Monitor, a syndicated study that compiles the reactions of farmers in 12 states to the direct mail they receive, including level of readership and action taken for each piece, its size and carrier type and the quantity of mail farmers receive.
Research encourages a comprehensive redesign of Blue Nun packaging
After conducting taste tests that confirmed that packaging was a factor in declining sales, Blue Nun wine held extensive focus groups with current and past consumers and competitive brand purchasers, as well as shelf tests, in its package re-design process.

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Recent Articles

Below are the 5 most recent articles on this topic. These articles were published within the last three years and are only available to registered subscribers.

10 common marketing research mistakes – from the 1970s
This article by Jim Nelems originally appeared in Southern Advertising and Markets in the mid-1970s, detailing 10 common mistakes in marketing research, which still apply over three decades later.
15 reasons e-mail still matters in sales and marketing
With the recent growth of mobile and social media marketing, e-mail is often overlooked in sales and marketing plans. The author offers 15 reasons why e-mail is still relevant and five rules marketers can follow to improve their success with e-mail.
More insights, less data - Why your research should tell a story
Researchers can become so invested in the data that reports - even great ones - can be overwhelming for the client. Researchers must be their own editors and keep the end goal in mind when deciding how to make a compelling story that management will easily understand and act on.
Trade Talk: These researchers risk their lives to gather data
Quirk's Editor Joseph Rydholm reflects on sessions from the 2012 ESOMAR Congress, which celebrated bravery in research and details the great dangers international researchers face.
25 low- or no-cost ways to grow your business
Great marketing that can help businesses grow doesn't have to be costly. Here are 25 tips researchers can use to improve their visibility, reach and effectiveness that cost little more than time.

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September 9-11, 2015
MRA Great Lakes Chapter will hold its Fall Conference on September 9-11 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cincinnati.
September 15-17, 2015
The Merlien Institute will hold its Market Research in the Mobile World Europe conference, themed 'The Internet of Things,' on September 15-17 in London.

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