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Best Practices For Test-Market Research

We've grouped together all the information our site contains on Test Market Research to help you quickly and easily find related articles, companies, events, jobs, associations, glossary definitions and more.

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There are 3 articles in our archive related to this topic.

Problems inherent in using a test market
Analytical research tools use hypothetical models to gain insight into real market forces whereas test markets take place within a slice of the real market. This article focuses on some of the problems inherent in using a test market to assess the impact of some change in marketing. These potential problems affect either predictive ability or efficiency. The authors distinguish the issues related to test marketing with those related to analytical procedures.
Regaining a foothold
Spreckels Sugar Company conducted one-on-one interviews with a cross-section of both light and heavy users of sugar to delve into their attitudes and behavior towards sugar. It then developed product concepts based on this input and tested them in a second round of one-on-ones. Mock-ups of new packaging concepts were then subjected to in-home use tests. During test-marketing, survey cards were distributed to get reactions from consumers in the marketplace.
The art and science of market testing
After 75 years, market testing is becoming the Cinderella of the research world. This article discusses market testing, including the matrix marketing strategy and a case study.

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