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Everything You Need To Understand The Market Research Business

We've grouped together all the information our site contains on The Business of Research to help you quickly and easily find related articles, companies, events, jobs, associations, glossary definitions and more.

Related Articles

There are 565 articles in our archive related to this topic. Below are 5 selected at random and available to all users of the site.

Questions you should ask when selecting a panel provider
Make sure you're asking the right questions to find the best panel provider for your needs.
When do we stop identifying with Rodney Dangerfield?
While the drive to deliver insights is a valuable endeavor for any researcher, the best approach, this article suggests, involves both the researcher and their client working together to generate insights, rather than placing the burden solely on the researcher.
Where do we go from here?
The article is an edited version of a letter sent by the president of the research firm Rockbridge Associates to clients shortly after September 11, 2001.
Asking the right questions to improve your consultative sales approach
This article outlines the four main types of questions that salespeople can use to be more consultative in their approach.
Will Internet marketing research be boon or bane?
Despite its challenges, the Internet continues to advance. This article offers the author’s projection of the Internet’s future, including the medium’s effect on marketing research.

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Recent Articles

Below are the 5 most recent articles on this topic. These articles were published within the last three years and are only available to registered subscribers.

How to align innovation teams
Kip Creel outlines several best practices for assembling, guiding and getting the most from product and service innovation teams.
Introducing: The Quirk’s Event
Quirk's Editor Joseph Rydholm outlines the factors behind the creation of The Quirk's Event, a conference for corporate researchers and their supplier partners that will debut in February 2015 in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Product and Service Update August 2014
An overview of new tools and offerings for marketing and marketing research
Survey Monitor August 2014
A collection of recent consumer and business marketing research findings
Understanding the primal U.S.-Latino culture through Latinacculturation
Novamex’s marketing research manager explains how and why the food marketer and distributor changed its view of the acculturation process.

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Related Events

September 7-10, 2014
ESOMAR will hold its annual congress on September 7-10 in Nice, France.
September 15-17, 2014
RIVA Training Institute will hold a course, themed 'Fundamentals of Moderating,' on September 15-17 in Rockville, Md.

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