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Below are the 5 most recent articles on this topic. These articles were published within the last three years and are only available to registered subscribers.

Sponsored Content: Advancements in interviewing technologies: Bringing confidence to qualitative
Quester's Garrett McGuire extolls the virtues of tech-assisted interviewing in qualitative.
Sponsored Content: A 4-dimensional view of the digitally-engaged consumer
This paper examines work that has been carried out in support of a single-source methodologyto understand how, when applied to consumers’ devices, new research tracking technologies complement and enhance the traditional survey question approach.
Sponsored Content: Get Them Talking: Five Innovations in Qualitative Market Research
In this white paper from Encuity Research, the authors discuss five qualitative research developments that can help marketers affect behavior, overcome barriers to adoption and develop creative materials and messaging that get results.
Sponsored Content: Customer Experience Management Technology Takes Market Research to the Frontlines
This sponsored white paper from Medallia discusses how customer experience management technology is providing companies a deeper level of customer focus and enabling differentiated customer experiences.
Sponsored Content: 11 Easy Ways to Improve Your Survey Response Rates
You can learn a lot from your customers and employees - if you can get them to fill out your survey. Surveys are a powerful and cost-effective way to not only gather information, but also identify and diagnose problems as well as uncover any new and emerging opportunities. However, one of the biggest challenges that many companies face in conducting surveys is getting enough people to take their survey (i.e. getting a high enough response rate) to ensure that their survey results are accurate. While there is no single, silver bullet for improving response rates, there are some easy steps that companies can take that, when combined, will help them improve their survey response rates. This white paper from Allegiance discusses what those steps are.

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NBC/Journal poll is tested, precise process
NBC and the Wall Street Journal have joined forces to implement "Election Day Voter Polling," a survey of over 35,000 voters nationwide that helps both news organizations to better inform and involve their customers.
Surveyed mechanics say modern car quality down
It might seem that automobile technology and quality are improving, but according to many mechanics, U.S. car quality is lower today than 10 years ago. The survey, conducted by mailed questionnaires, has identified a lack of support, few improvements and warranty ignorance as some of the problems facing U.S. cars today.
Despite hurdles, companies are embracing panel research
An overview of the problems and benefits of panel research. While the cost is often high, time can be saved and quality data can be obtained by using online panels.
The latest findings of an ongoing study of why respondents participate in focus groups
This article reports findings from Phase III of research into why people participate in focus groups. Phase III was a larger quantitative study in which 1,640 respondents completed questionnaires after participating in a focus group. Phase I of this research was a quantitative study reported on in the article "Take the money and run?" which appeared in the May 1990 issue of Quirk's. Phase II was a qualitative study designed to determine if people would participate in a focus group without being paid, with the results published in the article "Money isn't everything," which appeared in the December 1990 Quirk’s.
Study seeks link between site satisfaction and revenues
This article discusses a self-funded study by the author’s firm that aimed to find a research method or methods that would provide statistically-sound information against which advanced statistical procedures could be applied in the investigation of Web sites, user interaction, and what is most meaningful to the user, all of which ties into revenue for companies with a Web presence.

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