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Learn About Conducting Market Research With Seniors

We've grouped together all the information our site contains on market research with Senior Citizens to help you quickly and easily find related articles, companies, events, jobs, associations, glossary definitions and more.

Related Articles

There are 35 articles in our archive related to this topic. Below are 5 selected at random and available to all users of the site.

From the Publisher August 1987
Researchers must always balance the need for time- and cost-savings while upholding methodological and data integrity.
Understanding the mature consumer
This article provides a profile of the older adult as a consumer and potential research participant. Issues covered include senior demographics, consumer patterns and views towards different advertising strategies. The article points to differences in motivational factors for seniors who may be cognitively younger than their age. Examples of qualitative and quantitative research strategies are also included.
The mature it for real?
One of the hot topics in marketing in the 1990s was the senior market. This article discusses how marketers and advertisers today seem to be ignoring the mature market in favor of a youth orientation and examines the numbers that led the pundits to urge marketers to target mature customers.
Issues and considerations for designing research with seniors
The rise in the median age of U.S. consumers will have significant implications for the marketing strategies pursued by corporations, particularly with regard to the development of new products targeted at elderly consumers. Researchers asked to assist in these efforts will face similar challenges in terms of the methodological and analytical approaches used with this important segment. This article discusses issues related to the design and management of primary research among senior consumers and provides direction for firms developing or reviewing their approach to this area of research.
Risky business: Attachment to mobile devices puts drivers in danger
Snapshot: Despite understanding the risks of driving and texting while using a cell phone, most adults continue this risky behavior, believing themselves to be better-than-average drivers.

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Recent Articles

Below are the 5 most recent articles on this topic. These articles were published within the last three years and are only available to registered subscribers.

5 lessons learned from running a multigenerational panel
A research-on-research look at what happens when you create and manage a community of Millennial, Gen X and Boomer participants.
The Researcher’s Bookshelf: Auto Brand – Building Successful Car Brands for the Future
This article, adapted and edited from a chapter in Anders Parment's book Auto Brand – Building Successful Car Brands for the Future, discusses the car buying process based on recent research and puts the process into a broader framework where car makers and their dealers can relate the insights to their own business models and strengths, thus identifying potential improvements in their dealings with customers.
Strategies for reaching Millennial and Boomer shoppers
The author explores why marketers targeting Millennials and Boomers need to consider factors beyond just the usual broad, age-based categorizations.
In Case You Missed It... April 2012
News and notes on marketing and research: Facebook user analysis; stress survey
How qualitative research helped AARP reach a new audience with its LifeTuner site
Uncertain of how prominently to brand a new site offering financial advice for 25-to-34-year-olds, AARP relied on one-on-one interviews for guidance.

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