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Statistical Analysis

We've grouped together all the information our site contains on statistical analysis and statistics to help you quickly and easily find related statistical software, articles, companies, events, jobs, associations, glossary definitions and more.

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| Regression Analysis  | Software-Conjoint Analysis | Software-Data Analysis | Software-TURF Analysis 
| Statistical Analysis | Statistical Research Consultation


Recent Articles

Below are the 5 most recent articles on this topic. These articles were published within the last three years and are only available to registered subscribers.

Sponsored Content: A 4-dimensional view of the digitally-engaged consumer
This paper examines work that has been carried out in support of a single-source methodologyto understand how, when applied to consumers’ devices, new research tracking technologies complement and enhance the traditional survey question approach.
Sponsored Content: Customer Experience Management Technology Takes Market Research to the Frontlines
This sponsored white paper from Medallia discusses how customer experience management technology is providing companies a deeper level of customer focus and enabling differentiated customer experiences.
Sponsored Content: 11 Easy Ways to Improve Your Survey Response Rates
You can learn a lot from your customers and employees - if you can get them to fill out your survey. Surveys are a powerful and cost-effective way to not only gather information, but also identify and diagnose problems as well as uncover any new and emerging opportunities. However, one of the biggest challenges that many companies face in conducting surveys is getting enough people to take their survey (i.e. getting a high enough response rate) to ensure that their survey results are accurate. While there is no single, silver bullet for improving response rates, there are some easy steps that companies can take that, when combined, will help them improve their survey response rates. This white paper from Allegiance discusses what those steps are.
Data Use: Instead of big data, try value data
To get the most out of big data, isolate the customer-centric metrics that are critical to your firm’s business processes.
Overcoming the obstacles to effective B2B panel research
Pete Cape offers thoughts on the differences between consumer and B2B research and looks at some of the issues involved in researching B2B respondents online.

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Related Articles

There are 1235 articles in our archive related to this topic. Below are 5 selected at random and available to all users of the site.

Analyzing satisfaction data in the health care setting
The nature of the relationship between service quality and satisfaction has been historically undefined. By understanding their combined impact on intent to purchase could provide great insight. Using a rural Michigan hospital as an example, the author explores how research was used to measure patient expectations of hospital performance.
By the Numbers: Converting surveys from paper to PDA
PDA screen size, programming skip patterns and how to capture open-ended responses are among the issues to consider when transitioning your traditional survey to a handheld interviewing device.
An approach to selecting online respondents
What can a 12-year-old teach us about developing sample for an online tracking study?
BASES builds on online panel
ACNielsen BASES used the Internet to create a cost-efficient way to conduct more surveys in less time without compromising forecast accuracy: the BASES e-Panel.
Loyalty research in B2B contexts
Loyalty has received a lot of press in recent years. Definitions and prescriptions for measurement vary substantially depending on which expert one asks. This article argues for a particular conceptualization of loyalty and explains why it is so fitting for business-to-business contexts. The article includes a logical checklist of design considerations for creating new loyalty research programs or revisiting the quality of existing programs.

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May 12-15, 2014
The 2014 Predictive Analytics World conference, co-located this year with eMetrics Summit, will be held on May 12-15 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto.
May 19-21, 2014
The 2014 Data Governance Conference Europe, Co-located with the Master Data Management Summit Europe 2014, will be held on May 19-21 at the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel in London.

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