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Marketing Research LinkedIn Discussion Groups

We have gathered together a comprehensive list of the LinkedIn discussion groups related to market research and marketing research.   

You can click on the group names below to open the group in a separate window or you can view the content of all these groups in one place on the MyQuirks Market Research Industry Dashboard.  Please contact us at to suggest additional groups.

The Marketing Research & Insights Group 

The Marketing Research & Insights Group on Linkedin is committed to maintaining an open forum for research professionals to socialize, share ideas and perspectives, openly debate issues facing the research industry, learn industry best practices, find job opportunities and of course network with your fellow colleagues. The group is open to all members of the market research community whether or not they are members or subscribers to Quirk’s.


Market Research Data Visualization

This group is dedicated to discussing best practices and sharing ideas about how to best represent data - from PowerPoint to online portals and beyond.


A+ Market Researchers - Pharma and Healthcare 

A (LinkedIn exclusive) networking group of Market Research Professionals within the Pharma and Healthcare Industries. This group will enable its members to expand their network, share ideas and explore career opportunities.


B2B Market Researchers - North America 

A (LinkedIn exclusive) group of experienced B2B Market Research Professionals.This group will enable its members to expand their network, share ideas and explore career opportunities. * B2B Market Research experience is REQUIRED to join this group.


Competitive/Market Intelligence Professionals Group 

This group is for people that were and/or are involved in CI/MI in their professional lives - whether you're researching, analyzing or acting on intelligence.

Consumer Insights Interest Group

This group aims to connect professionals working with consumer insights. We encourage members to share experiences and best-practices with regards to understanding, uncovering, articulating and validating Consumer Insights and to learn from each other.

Customer Management IQ

Executives within call and contact centers and customer service turn to customer management IQ to discuss ideas, share best practices and interact with a vibrant network of customer management and call center professionals.

Healthcare Market Research Professionals

This is a group where healthcare market research professionals can talk, network, and see what jobs are out there on the market. This group is intended for all of you who are looking for a position, also for people are are interested at looking at opportunities.

India MR

The community to network, help, and support higher professional Market Research standards in India.

Interactive Voice Response Group

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems are commonly used in call centers to deflect routine calls from live at support - thus, reducing labor costs for call center organizations - but are becoming largely unpopular with customers.

Linked Marketing Research Group

Join us for discussion on marketing research.

Market Research (MKT-Research) Group

This group is dedicated to all such professionals who are working in the field of market research using Internet as a primary tool.

Market Research Field Directors/Field Management Pros/Data Collection Vets/On-line & Off-line

A Group created for anyone managing online or offline market research data collection at any level.

Market Research Forum

This is a platform for every market researcher world-wide to discuss and share their views on the experience of this vast subject. All researchers are invited to share their experience and find the soultions for their research projects.

Market Research Jokes and Funny Stories

A place to prove that market researchers DO have a sense of humor.

Market Research Knowledge Forum Group

In these trying times we need all the help that we can get. I am prepared to help anyone connect as long as it is for serious reasons like job-hunting or learning.

Market Research Marketing Professionals Group

This is a group for market research marketing professionals to discuss the unique rewards and challenges of marketing market research products, services and consulting; and to expand our network of people and ideas around the globe.

Market Research Outsourcing Group

The Market Research Outsourcing group provides a forum for professionals associated to or interested in the outsourcing of the full range of market research services and associated technologies or resources, in order to share opinions, advice and experiences.

Market Research Professionals Group

This is a networking group for professionals involved with market research, competitive intelligence or strategic planning. A place to connect people and share best practices.

Market Research Professionals Australia

This group is for all market research professionals in Australia. The goal of this group is to create a place for networking, sharing ideas and discussing everything in the area of market research.

Market Research Professionals Group – India

The networking and discussions place for the market research and consumer research professionals from all over India.

Marketing Intelligence Professionals Group

A group of professionals within the marketing intelligence field such as database marketing, CRM, market research, Web analytics and business intelligence.

Marketing Research Association (MRA) Group

The Marketing Research Association, based in Washington, D.C. (U.S.), was formed in 1954 as an outgrowth of the Trade Problem Discussion Group of the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) New York Chapter.

Marketing Science Group

Let us discuss how we can solve marketing-oriented business issues using scientific approaches.

Mobile Marketing Research (MobileMR) Group

With mobile technology, surveys can be seamlessly integrated into mobile apps, making it more fun for participants to respond than traditional methods. This group is meant for academics, practitioners and developers who are exploring mobile research.


Marketing Research and Intelligence Association of Canada.


This group is all about creating discussion relating to the future of market research.

Next Gen Market Research (NGMR) Group

Marketing research and consumer insights have changed little since the mid ’90s and still offer only 1.0 Insights. This is an invitation-only group for analytics professionals with 7+ years of experience who want more than traditional MR.


Online Data collection Communities

The purpose of this group is to discuss best practices, new practices and innovations in market research. the group focuses on developments in online methodology, blog and social networking research, mobile phone and PDA surveys

Online MR Group

This group is for people working in the online market research industry who want to network and exchange ideas and opportunities. With technology driving the research industry, online research is the next big thing and we want to expand the knowledge and information.

 Online Qualitative Research: The Next Evolution

The marketing research landscape is evolving to include more online methodologies such as online communities, online focus groups, and bulletin boards. With budgets tightening and travel costs increasing, now is an ideal time to begin incorporating new techniques.

Online Sampling Insights (OSI) Group

OSI is an open forum for discussing all things related to online sample.

Pharma/Biotech Market Research Professionals Group

This is a group for professionals in the field of market research working in the pharmaceutical and bio-tech industry. The purpose of the group is for members to share their expertise and also ask for help to colleagues.

 Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group (PMRG)

PMRG is a nonprofit association that advances the principles, practice and power of marketing research within the healthcare industry by creating a community that both supports individual professional development and acts as an advocate for the profession.

QRCA Qualitative Research Discussion Group

This qualitative research discussion venue is sponsored by the Qualitative Research Consultants Association. The QRCA is a vibrant global network of qualitative researchers immersed in the most exciting work being done in the field. This is a moderated forum.

 The Qualitative Market Research Forum

This forum is designed to discuss qualitative market research.

The Market Research Event (TMRE) Group

The Market Research Event continues to connect today’s top researchers with one another and provide a forum for them to exchange practical advice, visionary ideas and inspirational stories of success. This group will support this goal as a means for ongoing networking.

The Research Club Group

The Research Club is an open social event for anyone involved in the market research industry to make new contacts, develop business opportunities and keep up to date with the latest industry developments.