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Oscar Artiñano Pocheville —  since 1994
Silvia Artiñano Pocheville —  since 1990

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Company Description

We’re a qualitative and quantitative market research agency in Spain. We specialize in focus groups, IDIs, ethnographics, online communities/interviews in automotive, B2B, entertainment, finance, food and drinks, IT, movies, OTC, pharma, personal care, retail, travel and tourism, telecom, video games. We do what we’re good at. And what we’re good at is knowing that brands and institutions need tools to stand out from the rest, to shine above the competition, to be heard over the noise. And we know how to get it done. Based in Madrid and Barcelona.

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C/ Claudio Coello 22, 1º A

Madrid 28001
Customer Contact(s):
Oscar Artiñano Pocheville
Silvia Artiñano Pocheville, Managing Director
  • 34-91-350-52-32
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