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Chicago, IL

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Moderators on Staff

Brian Fletcher — 10,000+ sessions since 2000
Ron Raskin — 20,000+ sessions since 1995
Jackie Short — 10,000+ sessions since 1995

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Company Description

Insights in Marketing (IIM) is a marketing research firm that delivers in-depth and actionable insights so you can have every confidence your decisions are inspired by the consumer voice. Our professionally-certified moderators have years of client and supplier side experience across many industries and consumer segments, including CPG, durables, beauty, technology, spirits, financial services, retail, travel and entertainment. Due to our strengths in emphatic and discriminative listening, our moderators always knows exactly where to go and what questions to ask to elicit the learning you need. IIM’s research approaches are custom designed for your company, addressing key issues and delivering the most impactful results. We aren’t just your research firm, we’re your partner.

Year Established:   1989

Number of Employees:   9

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630 Dundee Road, Suite 300
Northbrook, IL 60062
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Brian Fletcher
Ron Raskin
Jackie Short
  • 847-853-0500
  • 847-853-0505 (fax)
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