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Los Angeles, CA

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Moderators on Staff

Brenda Lee —  since 2001
Ana Fernandez —  since 2012
Michele Cordoba —  since 2005

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Company Description

Vision Strategy and Insights is a full-service multicultural research and strategy firm with unique expertise in moderating focus groups among Hispanic, African-American, Asian and multicultural millennial consumers. We match our diverse group of moderators with the cultural and language requirements of each study, allowing us to conduct effective in-culture, in-language research that truly connects with multicultural respondents. VSI moderators conduct focus groups, intercepts, ethnographies and other one-on-one interactions in multiple languages in a wide variety of categories, including CPG, healthcare/pharmaceutical, automotive, financial services, telecommunications, retail, media/entertainment, social causes/nonprofit and political.

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5420 Sylmar Ave., Suite 115
Sherman Oaks, CA 91401
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Brenda Lee
Ana Fernandez
Michele Cordoba
  • 818-261-8340
  • 410-521-2147
  • 866-404-8309 (fax)
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