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Los Angeles, CA

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Phil Wyckoff — 1500+ sessions since 2012

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Company Description

Wyckoff Partners is a forward-thinking qualitative research consultancy with a track record of uncovering insights that create impactful marketing strategies for its clients. We design and execute world-class qualitative research that is laser-focused on addressing critical business issues while building deep relationships with our clients’ cross-functional teams. We are passionate about innovation and brand communications, with particular interest in semiotics and its commercial applications to drive competitive advantage. In addition to strong moderating, we stand apart in our ability to deliver memorable, story-driven, visually engaging deliverables that are highly strategic and action-oriented. Also, we manage global qualitative studies in addition to U.S. focused-projects.

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1425 N. Detroit St., Suite 205
Los Angeles, CA 90046
United States
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Phil Wyckoff
  • 310-433-7205
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