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Los Angeles, CA

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DSG Associates is the real deal - where expertise is an added value, not an added expense. Helping clients enhance the value they deliver and receive for over 30 years, DSG is the A-team of the field service world. DSG clients are experts in their own businesses so DSG works to meet their needs without diluting quality by oversimplifying specs or inflating costs with services they don’t want or need. With a stellar client list, including many well-known national and international brands as well as sophisticated and ambitious smaller companies, DSG is a leader in all types of mystery shopping, intercept interviews and specialty field services for a broad range of consumer businesses, manufacturers, agencies and associations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Contact us today.

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15500 Erwin St., Suite 4007
Van Nuys, CA 91411
United States
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Jennifer Mason
  • 818-966-3950
  • 800-462-8765 x182
  • 800-210-5350
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