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Material is a global strategy, insights, design and technology partner to companies striving for true customer centricity and ongoing relevance in a digital first, customer-led world. By leveraging proprietary, science-based tools that enable human understanding, we inform and create customer-centric business models and experiences plus deploy measurement systems to build transformational relationships between businesses and the people they serve.

We thrive where customer centricity meets business evolution. How do you deliver truly customer-centric experiences? Material solves for the most pressing business challenge of the coming decade through the fluid integration of customer understanding with design and technology expertise that can respond ever-faster to evolving customer needs. We leverage a science-based engine for understanding people to create transformational customer relationships for our clients.

We’ve been developing science-based tools for customer understanding for over 40 years – and have spent the past decade constructing the design and technology capabilities that allows us to learn plus make in unison. That’s our special sauce – using a science based understanding of what customers need to make experiences they can’t live without.

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1900 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1600
Los Angeles, CA 90067
United States
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Emma Erion-Brewer, Marketing Associate
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