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Mercury Analytics offers breakthrough quantitative and qualitative testing technologies, real-time analytics and data visualizations, combined with research expertise, extreme competence and complete dependability. We are proud to have executed hundreds of research studies to assist leading companies, brands, political campaigns and media companies focused on in-depth media or message testing/optimization, rapid crisis response or client/customer/constituent insight/feedback studies.

As a result, we are the “go-to” partner for major media companies, leading domestic and global businesses, consumer and political research firms, communications firms, crisis management firms and political strategists. Always rapid, responsive and cost-effective.

When it comes to advanced testing capabilities, Mercury leads all others. Whether executing an online survey or focus group, studies can incorporate in-depth dial-testing, image and message testing and other advanced technologies. We arm clients with real-time data visualizations and analytics, along with segmentation visualizations that make clear what’s working and what’s not to each critical audience.

Mercury’s Live Labs online focus group platform allows rapid 2-3 day recruiting and our proprietary on-demand recruiting capability for crisis response (tonight). A Mercury facilitator handles all technology so moderators simply moderate. An observer backroom allows client observers and note takers to watch the meeting and take time-synched notes. Within an hour after the group is over, at our Analytics Workbench you’ll find your meeting video, a word-level synchronized and searchable transcript and the time-synched meeting chat and notes, along with a complete highlight clipping capability that allows you to select the most important exchanges and create and download text highlight files or MP4 highlight reels.

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2000 M Street NW, Suite 520
Washington, DC 20036
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Leigh Kessler, Vice President of Business Development
  • 202-386-6322 Ext. 3
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