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Bus.-To-Bus. Research Product Testing Research Segmentation Studies Concept Optimization Focus Group-Moderating

Company Description

SRP is a single source for comprehensive market research services including qualitative research, quantitative research, secondary data competitive intelligence and high level analysis and recommendations.  Below is an overview on services offered.

  • Research Expertise in a Range of Areas -  SRP has been involved in all aspects of the product development process that includes ideation/brainstorming, concept screening/testing/optimization, product development/optimization and refinement, marketing communications, segmentation, naming and pricing research.
  • Qualitative Experience -  Two decades of experience  moderating focus groups with participants that include CMOs, CFOs, surgeons, nurses, college professors, heads of household, and teens.  Types of sessions include virtual focus groups, traditional focus groups, quasi-qualitative and quantitative  sessions and In-Depth Interviews.  Exercises such as Laddering, Card Sorts, Word Clouds and a range of topic-specific activities are utilized to provide for greater depth of insights in responses.
  • Multivariate Tools & Techniques – Our team employs a wide spectrum of tools and techniques to bring greater insight to results.  The most-frequently employed tools include Choice Modeling/Conjoint analysis, Latent Class analysis, Kano analysis, Max-Diff analysis, and Discriminant/Correspondence analysis.
  • Range of Industry Experience – Our team has a wide range of business-to-business and consumer category expertise that consists of consumer package goods, manufacturing, distribution and trucking, telecommunications, financial services, restaurants, healthcare, foodservice, education and retail.
  • Creative solutions to difficult problems – SRP provides creative solutions that are tailored to each client situation. This includes using experimental designs like split-sample/round-robin designs to generate more evaluations from smaller sample sizes, e.g., more efficient research. 
  • Research Options - SRP is sensitive to client needs, and we recognize there is always a balance between budget, time and information objectives, thus, our proposals typically layout alternative design approaches with the pros and cons for each alternative.

Year Established:   2001

Number of Employees:   4

Research Services and Specializations

8417 N. Ridgeway Ave.
Skokie, IL 60076
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Terry Socol, Founding Partner
Gene Topper, Partner
  • 847-679-7424
  • 847-205-1425
  • 847-675-5656 (fax)
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