Special advertising sectionThe health care industry is a large and often complicated niche. Within the health care market research industry, researchers work to focus on the many career specialties, medical plans, patient types, diseases and conditions and much more.

Medical marketing research companies can provide you with the expertise needed to understand the expansive and important health care industry. Companies that specialize in medical research can recruit and give you access to a wide range of medical professionals including doctors, nurses, patients, payers and others who can help deliver insight into the medical, pharmaceutical and health care industry through interviews, focus groups, studies and surveys. While it’s important to have expert opinions and responses when you’re conducting research within these industries, it is necessary to also consider how you will gain access to patients. The right medical research fi rms can help you access and collect insights from patients, breaking them down by demographic as well as by their experiences with a number of illnesses and diseases, from the very common to the extremely rare. For assistance with any medical research needs, consider these companies.

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) 

Founded 1989 | 34 employees

John Mitchell, CCXP

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) is a boutique market research consulting firm located in Waltham, Mass. With roots in the MIT Sloan School, our expertise in medical products and health care comes from nearly 30 years of providing results-driven, actionable insights to the world’s best-known companies. Our experience spans medical devices, diagnostics, life sciences, pharmaceuticals and health care delivery across nearly all clinical specialties. Clients trust us to execute high-quality market research to inform global product strategy, design and marketing, leading to improved patient outcomes, more satisfied providers and better financial returns. Partner with AMS to create innovative products and distinctive patient and clinician experiences.

Phone 781-250-6300


Founded 2009 | <100 employees

John Feldcamp, Angela Wood, Partners

Get what you pay for – serious medical research transcription! Have pharmaceutical qualitative research recordings and need text to review? Choose someone who understands it. Babbletype is serious about HIPAA, GDPR, adverse event training and reporting procedures and redacts personally identifying information by default. Our transcriptionists, translators and analysts are regularly graded for performance and trained to handle customized formats, instructions and processes. Full or clean verbatim, summarized, content analysis, tabular, master transcript consolidation, start and stop points, specialized capture, speech-to-written form correction, non-verbal content capture, headings from guide, highlight or tag specified quotable content, high-level summary data reporting.

Phone 888-678-7782

Clarity Pharma Research

Founded 2008 | Fewer than 100 employees

Dr. Jack R. Gallagher, Ed.D., M.Sc., CEO

Clarity Pharma Research brings clarity to clients’ business decisions via nationally representative, real-world research on pharmaceutical products, from prelaunch to patent expiration. We integrate anonymized patient records/treating physician research with national and other big data to size markets (epidemiology), measure product usage, enhance forecasting, describe treatment patterns, gauge clinical utility and fill gaps in secondary data. We find out the why behind physicians’ treatment decisions through perceptual and empirical questions about real – not hypothetical – patients. The FDA has accepted our findings to modify a client’s clinical trial and our scientists boast more than 100 medical journal articles and conference presentations.

Phone 864-208-0078 (Marketing)

Creative Consumer Research

Founded 1976 | 16 full-time; 60 part-time (76) employees

Patricia Pratt, CEO

In 40 years, CCR has developed the expertise, knowledge and specific experience to conduct primary market research in the health care industry. Our partnership approach includes planning sessions, project design, project management, survey design, programming and qualitative or quantitative sessions. CCR is proficient in addressing customer satisfaction, branding awareness and usage and employee satisfaction studies.

Phone 281-240-9646

Focus Crossroads

Founded 2010 | 20 employees

John De Biasio, CEO

Focus Crossroads, one of Northern N.J.’s top-rated facilities, located in the N.Y. metro area, with access to consumer, B2B and medical audiences to match any target. Our IDI/usability lab and three suites (one living-room) provide comfortable viewing and have dedicated lounges. We leverage traditional and innovative approaches to reach various fields of medicine and health services. A full range of additional services include global and national recruiting, field management, screener development, moderation and more. Focus Crossroads is committed to the compliance of best practices in research standards and is one of only a few U.S. research firms to be ISO-20252:2012 certified. 

Phone 201-528-0220

Focus Pointe Global

Founded 1988 | 480 employees

Laura Livers, CEO

With a deeply experienced, specialized medical project management and recruiting team, FPG has earned the trust of the health care research community by providing unrivaled expertise, sampling excellence and proven results. Our double opt-in health care panel consists of 1 million patients, caregivers, physicians and professionals, offering limitless in-person and online research opportunities across every facet of the health care industry, including large- and small-scale clinical research. The FPG Patient Panel consists of 104 chronic medical conditions and the professional panel includes physicians and specialists from 99 disciplines. FPG has developed a proven technique over a 30-year history for understanding both the patient, physician and related health care professional sides of medical marketing research.

Phone 888-873-6287


Founded 1994 | 400 employees

Zlatko Vucetic, CEO 

FocusVision is the only full-spectrum research technology business, with a complete suite of software solutions to capture real-time human insights and analytics. Powered by FocusVision technology, our customers can make more informed decisions so they can hit the right mark with customers and employees every time. Our suite of solutions allows businesses to test creative and product concepts, understand customer opinion and sentiment, improve product usability and customer satisfaction, manage multiple projects with ease and keep their finger on the pulse of employee satisfaction. Because of this commitment, we’re already trusted by 18 of the top 20 Fortune 100, all 10 of the top health care and 10/10 of the world’s top CPG companies. Let us know how we can help you!

Phone 844-712-6777

Group Dynamics In Focus Inc.

Founded 1981 | 17 employees
Robin Kaplan, President

Group Dynamics In Focus offers 37 years of experience and expertise in qualitative research. Located in suburban Philadelphia, we recruit to our facility as well as outside venues. With an emphasis in the health care area, our capabilities include national recruitment across a variety of methodologies including in-depth interviews (both phone and in-person), focus groups, bulletin boards and Webcam interviews. Our dedicated team provides insights and solutions for all of your research needs.

Phone 866-221-2038

HealthCare Research

Founded 1991 | 20 employees

Karl Weiss, CEO

HealthCare Research is a nationally-recognized research and evaluation firm, providing strategic analyses of a wide assortment of health care data for over 30 years. Through our customizable Art of Medicine® and Art of Service® programs, clients receive critical insights about their patients’ experiences, delivering scores, comments and key drivers, tailored to each supervisor’s area of care, at the right time, including daily alerts for critical issues, monthly updates to monitor performance and quarterly evaluative summaries. Results are available not only through a dynamic online portal but also shared with each supervisor via e-mail to keep the information front-and-center. 

Phone 303-323-1900 ext. 202

Healogix LLC

Founded 2004 | 23 employees

Tim C. Edbrooke, President and COO

Healogix is a full-service marketing research agency with global reach. One-hundred percent focused on health care, we help leading and emerging pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies succeed in product development, commercial launch and throughout the life cycle of their brand. Our deep, senior team leverages a unique blend of experience, knowledge and proprietary methodologies to deliver to each and every client actionable market insights that go beyond the norm. Healogix is relied upon for the integrity and innovation that we bring to our clients, regardless of the challenges they face. For more information, visit Healogix.com.

Phone 215-863-8168

Infomine Healthcare Research – Middle East

Founded 2008 | 36 employees

Dr. Amr Mansour, Managing Director

Having successfully conducted the largest-of-its-kind health care research project in the Middle East, with >34,000 respondents and twice given an honorable mention in the Journal of Respiratory Medicine published by Elsevier, Infomine is the trusted Middle Eastern health care partner, including pharma, devices, hospitals, equipment, etc., with exclusive access including all HCPs, payers, health authorities through in-house teams in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Our local and regional clients include: Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Medtronic, BMS, Amgen and Sanofi, among others. Our international clients rely on us to deliver flawless, reliable, robust data for their end clients, including QualWorld, Research Partnership and imsHealth (IQVIA). Dr. Mansour leads the team, having over 20 years in health care consulting and research with KPMG, PwC and GE Healthcare.

Phone + 20 1000 120 590


Founded 2003 | 18 employees

Ken Berry, President

Known for their superior survey programming and research tools, Jibunu is a pioneer of technology-enabled research services. With unlimited flexibility, they let research teams set themselves apart and bring their dreams to life. Jibunu focuses on the respondent experience while addressing the researcher’s needs. Their experienced staff provide research solutions with quality, speed and low prices. Capabilities include everything from simple screeners to conjoint analysis, patient charts and custom-built exercises. Jibunu works across all industries and specializes in medical, pharmaceutical and tech research. Their software development roots have let them help researchers differentiate themselves. They have been doing the impossible and making pigs fly since 2003. Contact Jibunu to start your journey and become a research hero.

Phone 978-537-5510

JS Martin Transcription Resources

Founded 1995 | 30+ employees

Jay Martin, Founder

JS Martin Transcription Resources has a particularly strong reputation in the realm of health care/pharmaceuticals. We are a go-to resource for many market research companies who are well known within the health care field and conduct research projects for their clients. The reasons for our success in this particular area include: the highest quality, timely transcription services with a truly client-centric approach; continual updating of extensive lists of terminology for every subject matter relative to the medical field; a dedicated team of transcriptionists and quality control specialists who ensure transcripts meet or exceed expectations and an FIPS 140-2 certified SFTP Pragma Server that meets the demanding government standards of security. Our rates are competitive and are based upon actual hours of audio (or video). 

Phone 818-691-0177

Karchner Marketing Research LLC

Founded 2003 

Helen and Michael Karchner, Co-Founders

Karchner Marketing Research LLC is a full-service firm offering customized research, recruiting and a focus group facility for the health care, pharmaceutical, bio-tech and medical device clients. Since 2003, co-founders Mike and Helen Karchner have conducted research in 130+ therapeutic areas. Their proven successes precipitate from understanding their clients’ needs, selecting apropos methodologies and engaging in articulate conversations with qualified respondents (HCPs and patients alike). Health care market research partnerships are often overshadowed by price, familiarity or brand recognition. Yet, KMR identifies the overarching quintessential focus as inter-communication with respondents, flexibility with clients and knowledgeability (not expertise) within a therapeutic area. KMR offers the best respondent-moderator dialogue skill set, engaging in unique activities, which illuminate and effervesce their innermost drivers of choice, opinion and action. Come and partner with KMR!

Phone 610-564-9624

Olson Research Group Inc. 

Founded 1995 | 60+ employees

Charles Olson, CEO

Olson Research offers a full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative market research services with deep access to a robust proprietary database of 2.4 million U.S. health care professionals throughout the life sciences sector, including 960,000 active physicians. Precise targeting is available with up to 75 unique profiling fields. We are best known for: access – our unique and thorough reach to all facets of the U.S. health care decision maker population; experience – our team of seasoned PMs having on average 8+ years of industry experience; and approach – our flexible and collaborative approach to project design, fielding and final deliverables. 

Phone 267-487-5500

Pinnacle Research Group

Founded 2002 | 10 employees
Tanya Mingione, CEO

Pinnacle Research Group is a think-tank of educated, intelligent, forward-thinking professionals (psychologists, sociologists, marketers) who specialize in the health care/pharma industry. We combine psychological insight and theories with real-world experience to take your research efforts further. Our unique approach provides deeper exploration and understanding of motivations, behavior and perceptions. Our philosophical approach is simple: dig deep. Leave no stone unturned. Provide a fresh perspective to clients. Do it all while maintaining an intense focus on quality and excellence. We are seasoned professionals who are intuitive, sensitive, observant and have a thorough understanding of human behavior. 

Phone 573-547-3358

Reckner Healthcare

Founded 1991 | 225 employees

David Reckner, CEO

Reckner Healthcare provides complete fieldwork solutions for pharmaceutical and medical marketing research projects. Serving clients for more than 25 years, the company specializes in delivering access to physicians, allied health care professionals, payers, decision makers and hospital administration across the United States and the world. Reckner has its own independently-maintained panel and internally-designed panel management system, making it one of the industry’s most robust, respected health care panels. Providing fast access and easy platform linkages, Reckner offers recruiting and scheduling for qualitative and quantitative health care research projects. Services include list matching, recruitment, scheduling, verbal confirmations, programming, hosting and project, segmentation and honoraria/1099 management. 

Phone 215-822-6220


Founded 2002 | 10 employees

Debbie Peternana, CEO

ReRez specializes in online panel and mixed-mode research including difficult audiences from hemophilia to stage 3 and 4 cancers. As global online specialists and methodology consultants, we offer solutions for all your needs: patients, physicians (national and international), hard-to-target ailments (hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, ostomy, MS, etc.). Small studies or large, if your need is simply programming, online real-time reporting or just panel research, you can always count on ReRez to offer fast turnaround, flexible pricing and accountability to deliver what we say we are going to do. Remember, if we can’t do it, it cannot be done!

Phone 774-212-0033

Research America

Founded 1985 | 300 employees

Robert Porter, CEO

Research America Healthcare group partners with health care clients to provide crucial insights from all health care industry constituents – patients, physicians, payers and integrated health organizations. We are flexible and responsive to keep pace with the “moving targets” brand teams face. Our project teams are deeply interactive to discuss, debate and share ideas to provide holistic views of the marketing challenges or problems at hand. We align manifold data sources and facts to illuminate solid decisions. We bring a vast array of quantitative, qualitative, digital and big data tools, including those used by colleagues serving other industries. Let’s solve your problems together.

Phone 610-356-1800

Research Now SSI

Founded 1977 

Gary Laben, CEO

Research Now SSI is the world’s leading global provider of first-party consumer and professional data based on extensive, proprietary market research panels. Around this core asset of opted-in, managed data, the company has built innovative data services and solutions that bring the voice of the individual to the entire marketing spectrum, from research to marketing to advertising. Research Now SSI serves more than 4,000 market research agencies, media and advertising agencies, consulting and investment firms and health care and corporate customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Phone 214-365-3460

Schlesinger Group

Founded 1966 | Circa 600 employees

Steve Schlesinger, CEO

Schlesinger is a leading data collection company specializing in pharmaceutical marketing research and offering a broad range of qualitative and quantitative research solutions. Our top-rated facilities are located in key markets across the U.S. and the EU. Working in partnership with you, we provide outstanding recruitment and project management for any methodology.  Advisors by Schlesinger connects knowledge seekers with health care thought leaders and the toughest health care recruits. Schlesinger Global Solutions supports your worldwide health care studies with a dedicated expert contact. The Wall by Schlesinger is a breakthrough solution to qualitative engagement and post-research synthesis.

Phone 732-906-1122

Segmedica | xsperient  

Founded 2004 | 24 employees

Peter Simpson, CEO

Segmedica | xsperient delivers full-service global medical and health care market research, using advanced techniques in qualitative, quantitative and ethnography studies with HCPs, payers and patients. As the field leader in psychology, anthropology, sociology, neuroscience and linguistics, working with us achieves the highest quality health care market research and market segmentation. Our unique methodologies like self-moderating groups and analysis of in-office conversations bring you the results you need. Ask about ConnexionPoints® syndicated studies for fast, affordable primary research in disease states and health care topics. Contact us for an online or in-person demo of how we can assist with your research needs. 

Phone 716-799-8223

SurveyHealthcare (SHC)

Founded 2003 | 60 employees

Jerry Arbittier, CEO

For over 15 years, SurveyHealthcare has been a leader in health care market research, specializing in online survey data collection services that include quantitative and qualitative health care research, panel recruitment, programming and fieldwork management. We work directly with market research agencies and consultancies to support pharmaceutical and medical device companies in making decisions that affect health outcomes. We do this by providing access to our global panel of 2 million+ HCPs including physicians, allied health care professionals, payers, patients, caregivers and key opinion leaders from the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Phone 212-391-5243

Taylor Research

Founded 1957 | 50 employees

James Arcediano, CEO

We understand that quality respondents are essential to the success of your project. That’s why, with over 60 years in the industry, Taylor Research has the unique expertise, attention to detail and holistic approach that allows us to deliver quality results that will exceed your expectations every time. In addition to providing top-tier consumer and B2B recruits, we specialize in providing quality engaged respondents that the health care research community has come to depend on. Our extensive medical panel consists of but is not limited to physicians, nurses, hospital personnel, pharmacists, hospital administrators and low-incidence patients. Word-of-mouth in combination with our reputation is our key marketing tool and our ability to deliver consistent quality results keeps our clients coming back.

Phone 858-810-8400


Founded 2000 | 1000+/- employees

Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO

Toluna’s Healthcare Practice has been providing health care and pharmaceutical research practitioners with access to a pre-identified, pre-screened and highly qualified pool of global physicians, pharmacists, nurses and medical professionals of all specialties, as well as ailment sufferers since 2000. The practice is one of the leading providers of access to specialty respondents and applies many of the same principles used for the company’s 21+ million-member consumer community to health care respondents. Powered by the perfect fusion of technology, expertise and the largest global community of influencers at the ready, Toluna delivers rich, reliable, real-time insights to individuals and companies of all sizes.

Phone 203-834-8585

WebMD/Medscape Market Research

Founded 1995 | 1,800 employees

Audrey Rosen, Vice President, Market Research

For over 20 years, WebMD/Medscape Market Research has provided industry-leading recruitment and research solutions so that you can deliver dynamic market research to clinicians no matter the device. By leveraging first- and third-party data and utilizing our broad professional network of highly engaged health providers, we deliver the results you are looking for.

Phone 212-624-3780

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