Finding participants and respondents for your research can be difficult. Sometimes, consumers need a little extra motivation to take the survey or participate in a study or focus group. In cases like this, it may be beneficial to find a good incentive provider to assist you in appropriately incentivizing your respondents. 

Incentives can be an effective way to engage respondents for your research and keep them coming back. This can help you increase response rates and maintain respondent loyalty. When you partner with the right incentive company, it can also be a cost-effective way to continually receive meaningful insights for your research. The right incentive provider can deliver a program that will be most effective for your research, as well as provide a variety of incentives to fit your needs, whether it’s cash, rewards or prepaid cards. They can even help you deliver the incentive to the respondent. Here is a list of companies that provide incentive programs and solutions for marketing research. 

All Digital Rewards

Founded 2009 | 35 employees

Kathryn Felke, CEO

A leading market research incentive reward and payment technology company specializing in panel loyalty, recruitment, program development, design, implementation, rewards and incentive issuance. Offering check fulfillment, Visa® prepaid card products, gift cards, merchandise and digital rewards. Our reward program management software solutions can scale from a simple reward issuing/self-selecting redemptions to a full point-based system utilizing microservices that integrate into existing systems providing single point integration, secure complex event processing, scalable proofing systems and reporting and analytics. Call All Digital Rewards to help you discover a new way to engage and create a personal partnership with your panelists that lasts. 

Phone 866-415-7703


Founded 1994 | 5 employees 

Sheila Dunlavy, CEO

At incheck, we care about your successful incentive program, we know it is critical to developing and maintaining a positive relationship with your clients and survey respondents. We offer fast, accurate and cost-effective delivery of personalized incentive payments by check, e-code, gift card, bank transfer and other incentive fulfillment services. We issue domestic U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar and international foreign currency payments. Our process is simple and convenient with unmatched 24/7 customer service. Whether you are an independent market research firm or an in-house marketing group, the effective delivery of promised incentives to your program participants represents a critical success factor in your ongoing campaign efforts.

Phone 303-296-9593 or 877-672-7257


Founded 2014

Jignesh Shah, CEO

Rybbon is the first complete system for managing research rewards. Researchers can easily send rewards anywhere in the world via branded e-mails. Integration with Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey and SurveyGizmo sends rewards automatically. Project-based tracking makes it easy to manage incentives for multiple programs with a clear view. Insightful reports help you stay compliant with tax and audit requirements. Choose from the top U.S. and global e-gift card brands and international Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards. Rybbon saves you money with 100 percent refunds on unclaimed rewards! Let Rybbon make incentives fast and easy so that you can focus on doing research.

Phone 888-733-6521

Swift Prepaid Solutions

Founded 1996 | 75 employees

Joe Kooima, CEO

Swift Prepaid Solutions is an open-loop (VISA®/MasterCard®) prepaid program manager delivering funds on behalf of clients in over nine currencies, safely and securely, to more than 160 countries. A global leader, Swift’s technical and consultative approach provides innovative product offerings to exceed our clients’ expectations. Virtual cards. Physical cards. Digital and mobile-enabled and with complete corporate oversight. Swift is on the leading edge of product development, delivering technology, tools and solutions to help clients gain a clear, sustainable advantage. As a top industry expert, Swift’s unique focus on speed, choice, service and global reach serves as a sharp differentiator from the competition. 

Phone 847-325-6760

Tango Card

Founded 2009 | 71 employees

Scotty Greenburg, Marketing

Tango Card makes it easy to send desirable digital incentives to acquire, engage, motivate, retain and pay. Tango Card provides a digital reward delivery platform, expertise in supporting incentive programs and a global digital catalog including e-gift cards, digital prepaid Visas and MasterCards, digital checks and nonprofit donations. Tango Card can help automate the sending of rewards or help deliver rewards in bulk in one business day.

Phone 877-558-2646

Virtual Incentives

Founded 2008 | 30+ employees 

Jonathan Price, CEO

Virtual Incentives (VI) provides the market research industry incentive solutions proven to increase response rates, strengthen engagement and maintain panel loyalty. Founded in 2008, VI partners with industry-leading businesses, including more than 40 Fortune 100 companies. VI is the leading provider of Visa rewards and Visa® virtual accounts and offers Virtual MasterCard® accounts, as well as e-gift cards from more than 600 merchants around the world. By simplifying order and delivery processes, solutions provided are cost-effective, flexible and completely customizable. With VI, there is no minimum order size, rewards can be delivered globally and superior customer service is provided to both customers and their clients.

Phone 800-854-6390    

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