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Tallahassee, FL

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Moderators on Staff

Joseph St. Germain, Ph.D — 200+ sessions since 2009
Phillip E. Downs, Ph.D — 1500+ sessions since 1983

Company Description

Downs & St. Germain Research specializes in developing marketing and strategic recommendations from survey results and focus groups. We turn focus group and survey reports into action documents that establish a blueprint for your organization’s marketing plan. Every client of ours enjoys a direct, working relationship with one of our partners. Downs & St. Germain Research’s clients benefit from our market research expertise, as well as our marketing expertise and vast knowledge of the business industry.

Research Services and Specializations

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2992 Habersham Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32309
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Joseph St. Germain, Ph.D
Phillip E. Downs, Ph.D
  • 850-906-3111
  • 850-321-1782
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