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Jacksonville, FL

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Len Ferman — 1000+ sessions since 1993

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Company Description

I founded Ferman Innovation in 2013 after 25 years managing customer research & innovation at AT&T and Bank of America. For nearly 30 years, I have moderated qualitative research and brainstorming sessions. I take pride in delivering outstanding work and insightful reports. My reports include audio clips of the voice of the customer to support key findings from the research.  My goal is to help companies grow their business by leveraging the techniques that I teach in the courses I developed at the University of North Florida, where I received the Outstanding Adjunct Professor award. My techniques have also been the subject of a Forbes magazine article and I have published a textbook on Business Innovation.

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2789 Kelsey Place
Jacksonville, FL 32257
United States
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Len Ferman, Managing Director
  • 904-553-0075
  • 904-730-7470 (fax)
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