Attention coffee and wellness lovers!

April 17 at 10 a.m. ET/3 p.m. U.K.
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The red flag-like Melitta logo stacked on top of the black quantilope logo.Let us take you on a buzzworthy journey with Melitta’s Innovation team.

Founded in 1908, Melitta has become a globally recognized coffee brand with innovation built into their core (including the invention of the coffee filter!).

Due to their inventor mentality, Melitta is always looking for new opportunity spaces, recently expanding and developing products in the mental well-being sector.

Join our session to learn how Melitta's Innovation team leverages quantilope’s research technology and automated advanced methods to quickly launch Mental well-being idea screeners and concept testing - bringing the consumer voice into every step of their innovation process.

With insights in hand, Melitta’s Innovation and Product teams come together to better understand their consumers, effectively reducing uncertainty and risk in product development.

Through this internal and external collaboration, Melitta has developed a standardized mindset for their Quantitative Innovation Testing Funnel and the ability to launch templated DIY surveys and gather feedback in as little as 48 hours.

See how quantilope supported the building of quantitative templates through workshops, regular calls and brainstorming sessions and how Melitta takes these insights to elevate their innovation testing funnel.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How to reduce uncertainty and risk in new product development.
  2. How to bring the consumer voice into the product development process.
  3. How pre-defined templates can be your saving grace under tight deadlines.
  4. The Melitta Mindset of Innovation.

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Julian Hellgoth, director of client development, quantilope

In his role as a Director of Client Development at quantilope Julian leads a portfolio of about 25 international accounts. He strongly believes in the power of the synergy of Technology and Human Connections - for excellent consumer insights and also for valuable partnerships. Therefore he successfully strives for long-term partnerships based on mutual benefits and a deep understanding of the partners’ needs. Before joining quantilope 6 years ago he worked 7 years for the world's leading recruitment company as a Senior Consultant in HR and IT.

Ann-Katrin Nentwig, innovation manager consumer insights, Melitta

As the Innovation Manager for Consumer Insights at the Melitta Group, Ann-Katrin is dedicated to bridging the gap between groundbreaking innovation and actionable consumer insights. Her journey in market research is characterized by an unwavering commitment to understanding consumer behavior and translating that knowledge into strategic initiatives that drive business growth.

Holding a Master of Science in Consumer Psychology and Market Research, Ann-Katrin has refined her skills in various research methodologies, enabling her to delve into the subtleties of consumer preferences and market trends.

April 17 at 10 a.m. ET/3 p.m. U.K.