Editor’s note: Scott Wintrip is author of High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant and founder of Wintrip Consulting Group, St. Petersburg, Fla.

As graduation season draws near, you’re likely getting geared up for a big job search. And chances are, you may have some ideas about how to get from unemployed to “you’re hired.” But you’ve probably picked up a few misconceptions that, if left uncorrected, could slow down your progress from the start.

Young people entering the workforce are often highly educated, ambitious and positioned to take the job market by storm but they still need to polish up their job search and interview tactics to really make an impression. I regularly observe well-seasoned jobseekers make errors that prevent them from being hired, and graduates are likely to make the same kind of mistakes. All they need is a little guidance to set them off on the right foot.

To get better jobs faster, college grads need to first find great organizations and learn to make a lasting impression during the selection process. Below I present four common questions jobseekers ask, pose the questions they should ask instead and offer compelling answers to enhance their results.             

Most-asked question: Where can I find the best job opportunities? 

A better question: How can I find the best companies to work for? 

Answer: It’s important to remember that almost everyone has access to jobs posted online. But while it’s OK to apply for these widely-publicized job openings, you’re still competing with a huge crowd and that lowers your chances for getting the position or even an interview.

Many of the best jobs can’t be found online or in print ads. To find the truly great jobs, I advise you to look for great organizations instead.

Find companies and leaders you believe are doing meaningful and possibly even heroic work. To do this, search the Interne...