The Quirk’s annual Q Report aims to understand client-side researchers and see what is on their minds. The Q Report looks into a range of topics including education, hiring trends and shifts in employment. 

The 2023 edition of the Q Report received 707 usable qualified responses from full-time (defined as 35+ hours per week) client-side insights professionals from May 24 to July 10. We highlight interesting pieces and share respondent comments throughout but mostly let the data speak for itself. A breakdown of compensation including mean base salary, bonus, dividends and other forms of compensation can be found at Twenty-four end-client marketing research titles are included in the results. Titles with over 10 respondents also contain crosstabs by age, gender, industry, location and more.

This year, the majority of respondents (29%) indicated having 16-25 years of experience in the marketing research industry. Twenty-six percent of industry professionals have over 25 years of experience, 18% have 11-15 years and 27% have been in the industry for 10 or fewer years.

The likelihood of hiring additional permanent marketing research employees has dropped nearly 10% compared to last year. In 2022, 49% of respondents indicated that their companies were somewhat likely, likely or very likely to take on more permanent staff, compared to 40% this year. The majority of respondents (29%) indicated that their companies are very unlikely to hire additional contract research employees in the next 12 months. 

A combined 76% of respondents say they are somewhat satisfied, satisfied and very satisfied with their current employment. When asked about the changes they expect their companies to make over the next year, many mentioned an increase in conducting research and incorporating AI:

Currently providing more expansive services than market research...