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Toronto, ON, CA

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Company Description

Telepoll Market Research is a professional data collection firm dedicated to premium person-to-person outreach by telephone. Through a diverse array of research studies, we have come to know that the human connection – people speaking with people – forms the greatest kind of market insight.

Telepoll prides itself on tackling projects of every degree of complexity, from straight-forward, simple surveys to those that require keen, surgical strategies to complete. Using its 30+ years of project acumen, Telepoll fearlessly wades into projects of exceptional depth to help shape the success of our clients. Our unique and proprietary data collection practices guide organizations with marketing campaigns and consumer perceptions for almost every industry there is. Telepoll’s satisfied clients include financial services and retail companies, marketing and brand management firms, groups, associations, political parties and governments.

Fully housed in Toronto, Telepoll utilizes 60 CATI-enabled stations operated by a rigorously vetted team of skilled interviewers and overseen by our expert group of career managers. At Telepoll, we truly are only human!

Year Established:   1990

Number of Employees:   75

Research Services and Specializations

180 Lesmill Road
Toronto, ON M3B 2T5
Customer Contact(s):
Christine Schmakies, Director of Operations
  • 1-800-743-6446
  • 416-977-0608 ext. 222 (fax)
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Affiliations & Certifications
Insights Association (United States) | MRIA (Canada)