While product development and testing sound like two straightforward steps, it's never quite that simple. To develop a high-quality product that truly sticks, companies must consult a range of factors, such as consumer interest, pricing, packaging and even social and political elements. Companies that specialize in this area have developed processes, software and entire labs in order to gain deeper insight into what makes products successful.

These companies offer a range of methodologies and facilities for every part of the product development process, with offerings such as in-home usage tests, consumer panels, test kitchen and survey software. For insight into your next product in the pipeline, consider these specialized research companies. 


Founded 2017 | 108 employees
Sean Bisceglia, CEO

Curion provides world-class insights. From quantitative to qualitative research, we apply proven, industry-leading, innovative methods to service over 65% of Global 100 companies. A full-service product and sensory insights firm, we work with clients to determine not just what products consumers prefer but also why they are liked and how to make optimizations. Clients mitigate risk of marketplace failure by ensuring only quality products are introduced – providing repeatable delight for consumers. We accomplish this with our expert employees, sensory processes, fully-equipped facilities and data insights. In 2019 alone, we tested 105,000 consumers across San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas and New York. The result of a merger between Q Research Solutions and Tragon Corp., Curion pioneered many sensory methodologies considered industry standards today, including Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA)® and Partnership Solutions™.


Decision Analyst

Founded 1978 | 150 employees
Jerry W. Thomas, CEO

Decision Analyst is a global leader in iHUT (in-home usage testing), product optimization and related analytics. The firm executes projects with a focus on quality assurance standards, systems and processes. Its staff has evaluated over 1,600 products during the past four decades. Decision Analyst has its own consumer panels, product labeling, processing and shipping equipment and facilities to conduct IHUTS. Decision Analyst’s IHUT system predicts consumer acceptance, determines the optimal set of ingredients or features and includes pricing optimization systems. In-home usage testing is an effective way to create better products, build brand share and boost profitability.


The Dieringer Research Group Inc. (The DRG)

Founded 1974 | 73 employees
Lanie Johnson, President and CEO

New product innovation, improvement and testing are essential features of healthy brands. We help our clients make critical product development decisions with confidence by leveraging data-driven customer feedback on everything from concept optimization to prototype testing, packaging design, pricing and launch communications. Take advantage of our extensive qual and quant survey capabilities, in-house call center and on-site focus center to streamline your new product development process with a trusted, single point of contact. We bring over 45 years of strategic consulting and research experience uncovering opportunities to improve products and services based on insightful customer feedback.


Just The Facts Inc.

Founded 1994
Bruce Tincknell, Managing Director

Just The Facts, Inc. has 30 years of product and new product testing experience. JTF Research works closely with clients to develop the optimal methodology to achieve desired client results (e.g., what’s important about this research, its objectives, outcomes sought, how results will be used and much more). If your current research supplier doesn’t understand the critical nuances of your needs, then their low-price research is strategically costly. Conducting quality product development and testing research means having a strategic partner to effectively navigate, guide and manage your important assignments: this means creating an effective plan for testing concepts, prototype samples, new products and existing product line changes with excellent analysis and reporting. Contact JTF for high-quality product testing. Let’s discuss your specific needs and ensure your products are ready for market!


The National Food Lab

Founded 1982 | 100+ employees
Alan Roberts, Vice President

The National Food Lab, a Eurofins company, is a leader in product development and innovation. Our deeply technical and cross-functional team of sensory scientists, consumer researchers, food scientists and process engineers provide unmatched end-to-end solutions such as: agile, consumer-led development sprints to transform ideas from rough prototype to scalable formula; strategic category insights from Product Landscape™ studies; quantitative central location or in-home use tests to optimize product design or validate launch readiness; scientific exploration of new ingredients and processes; and product formulation support and co-man searches. We partner with clients to ensure their product success in the marketplace. 


Precision Research Inc.

Founded 1959 | 25-49 employees
Scott Adleman, President

We have decades of experience conducting product development research. Whether your needs are home-use product evaluation, usability lab testing or initial concept development, we are here to guide the way. Our unique 12,000-sq.-ft. research center has space needed for controlled preparation, testing and observation. We can host large products like automobiles, X-ray equipment and shelf displays. Additionally, our commercial test kitchen is available to prepare any food or beverage product you have in the pipeline. Our tasting room seats up to 30 people at laptops for rapid project turnaround.


Schlesinger Group

Founded 1966 | 1000 employees

Tim Sauer, SVP, Client Solutions

The Schlesinger product test team is highly adept at planning and executing complex product development and testing programs. We support a variety of methods for product testing from facility and central location testing to in-home or on-site testing, using qualitative or quantitative or hybrid approaches to best suit your product and test objectives. We’re uniquely positioned to add on other methods and techniques (in series or parallel) during key development or testing stages, such as surveys, focus groups, online interviews and emotional measures to enhance the value of your testing or to help deliver more compelling data. In addition, our government-approved FPG clinical research division supports clinical trials. You can contact Tim at Tim.Sauer@SchlesingerGroup.com.



Founded 1999 | 1,200+ employees
Zander Lurie, CEO

With global panels built right into our robust survey platform and a new suite of end-to-end concept testing solutions, SurveyMonkey is a great fit for fast, iterative product development research on any budget. Using SurveyMonkey Audience, you can find exactly who you need to reach with pre-profiled targeting options or custom screening questions. Audience is fully automated so you can instantly check global project feasibility, get a cost estimate and launch your product feedback study with one click. If you need help getting started, our Audience Premium offering comes with expert survey consultation and additional services. Contact us to learn more or to get early access to our new concept testing solutions.


Target Research Group Inc.

Founded 1986 | 26 employees
Greg Spagna, CEO

Target Research Group is a global, full-service sensory and consumer insights research company, celebrating its 33rd anniversary. Some of the largest brands rely on us for food and beverage, personal care, health care and legal research. We’re experts in strategic product research: sensory, advanced modeling, segmentation and packaging. Our software platform, Kiwi Metrics, is powered by our proprietary knowledge graph representing 80% of the branded foods in the U.S. The platform democratizes data and analysis across research and development and marketing, enabling bolder decision-making and risk mitigation at every stage of the NPD process. Our Collaborative Insights Program is a turnkey solution, managed by Target onsite or offsite.



Founded 2000 | 1,400 employees

Frédéric-Charles Petit, CEO

Toluna, an ITWP company, provides consumer insights designed to empower success in today’s on-demand, global economy. Powered by the perfect fusion of technology, expertise and the largest global community of influencers at the ready, Toluna delivers rich, reliable, real-time insights to individuals and companies of all sizes. Our automated consumer insights platform TolunaInsights™ underpins everything we do. Clients can access the platform directly, leverage Toluna’s managed services or create fully-customized digital consumer insights programs via our engineered services. TolunaInsights was built to complement QuickSurveys, Toluna’s on-demand platform designed for quick-turn, automated research.


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