Marketing Research and Insight Glossary

Definitions, common uses and explanations of 1,500+ key market research terms and phrases.

Terms A to Z

A A Classification of Residential Neighborhoods (ACORN) A Posteriori A Priori Segmentation A.C. Nielsen Retail Index AAPOR AAU (Attitude, Awareness and Usage) Study ACORN ADI (Area of Dominant Influence) AID (Automatic Interaction Detector) Accompanied Shopping Accompanied Shopping Accuracy Achieved Communality Acquiescence Bias Acquisition Studies Action Devices Active Buyer Ad Concept Testing Ad Hoc Surveys Ad Positioning Statement Tests Ad Tracking Research Additive Causal Relationship Address Coding Guide (CG) Advertising Claim Substantiation Advertising Effectiveness Research Advertising Impression Studies Advertising Research Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) Advertising Tracking Research Affective Component of Attitudes After-Only With Control Group Aggregate Airport Interviews Algorithm Alliance of International Market Research Institutes (AIMRI) Allowable Sampling Error Alternative Hypothesis American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) American Economic Association (AEA) American Marketing Association (AMA) American Society for Quality (ASQ) American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) American Statistical Association (ASA) Analysis Analysis Of Covariance (ANCOVA) Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Analyst Anonymity Anthropomorphic Apparency Applied Research Area Samples Area of Dominant Influence (ADI) Arithmetic Mean Artifact Artificial Intelligence / AI Artificiality Asociación Española de Estudios de Mercado, Marketing y Opinión (AEDEMCO) Association For Qualitative Research (AQR) Association Technique Association for Survey Computing (ASC) Association of Market Research Organizations (AMRO) Asterisk Bills At-Home Testing Attempt Attitude Studies Attitude, Awareness and Usage Study Attitudinal Scaling Attribute Attribute Analysis Attrition Rate Audience Research Audience Response Systems (ARS) Audimeter Audio Computer Aided Self-Administered Interviewing (ACASI) Audio SAQ Audit Auditorium Focus Group Room Autocorrelation Automatic Interaction Detection Automatic Interaction Detector (AID) Average Average Issue Readership (AIR) Awareness
C CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing) Call Record Sheet Callback Canadian Advertising Research Foundation (CARF) Canadian Association of Marketing Research Organizations (CAMRO) Canadian Survey Research Council (CSRC) Cannibalization Car Clinic Card Sort Cartoon Tests Case Case Histories Case Study Casewise Deletion Categorical Scale Categorical Variable Cathode-Ray Tube Causal Model Causal Relationship Causal Research Causal Variable Causality Causation Cell Size Census Census Areas Census Data Census Divisions Census Regions Census Tract Census Undercount Central Limit Theorem (CLT) Central Location Interviews Central Location Testing (CLT) Central Tendency Centralized Research Department Centroid Chi-Square Choice Modeling Choropleth Maps Clarifying Classification Information Classification Questions Classification Tree Analysis Client Lounge Clinical Focus Groups Closed-End Question Cluster Cluster Analysis Cluster Sampling Clustering Co-Op Payment Coding Coefficient Of Determination Coefficient of Variation (CV) Cognitive Component Of Attitudes (CCA) Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive Mapping Software Cohort Cohort Measures Collectively Exhaustive Collinearity Commercials Testing Communication Strategy Research Comparability Comparative Scales Competitive Intelligence (CI) Competitor Analysis Evaluation Competitor Customer Research Complement Of Event ‘A’ Complement Of Event ‘A’ Completion Rate Comprehensive Statistical Software Computer Aided Web Interviewing (CAWI) Computer-Aided Self-Administered Interviewing (CASI) Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) Software? Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) Software Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) Software Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI) Software Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI) Software Concentric Circle Concept Description Concept Development Concept Optimization Concept Testing Conceptual Mapping Conclusions Concomitant Variation Concurrent Validity Conditional Probability Conference Style Focus Group Room Confidence Interval Confidence Level Confidence Limits Confirmability Confounded Confounding Variable Conjoint Analysis Conjoint Analysis Software Conjoint Association Consideration Set Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA) Constant Sum Scales Constitutive Definition Construct Construct Validity Constructive Replication Consumer Consumer Culture, Economy, Norms, Social Class, Politics, Art and Consumption (CCENSPAC) Consumer Drawings Consumer Expenditure Consumer Expenditure Survey (CEX) Consumer Orientation Consumer Panel Consumer Price Index (CPI) Consumer Promotion Research Consumer Research Consumer Unit Contamination Content Analysis Context Sensitivity Contingency Contingency Table Continuous Research Continuous Variable Control Group Controlled Substitutions Convenience Sample Convention Interviews Convergent Validity Cool Hunting Market Research Cooperation Rate Copy Development Research Copy Testing Copy Testing-Online Corporate Image Studies Corporate Marketing Research Department Correlation Analysis Correlation Coefficient Correspondence Analysis Council for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR) Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) Couponing Research Covariance Covariate Coverage Creative Development Research Credibility Criterion Variables Criterion-Related Validity Cross-Cultural Analysis Cross-Elasticity Cross-Validity Crosstabulation Crowdsourcing research Current Population Survey (CPS) Custom Marketing Research Customer Loyalty Customer Recovery Studies Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Customer Satisfaction Research Customer Satisfaction Research Companies
D DMA (Designated Marketing Area) Data Data Analysis Data Analysis Software Data Archive Data Cleaning Data Collection Data Collection Field Services Data Conversion Data Crosstabulation Data Deck Data Delivery Tools Data Entry Data Mining Data Processing Data Processing Services Data Tabulation Software Data Use Data User News Database Management Software Database Manager Day-After Recall Daytime Population Decennial Census Decentralized Research Function Decision Support Software Decision markets Deductive Degrees Of freedom Delphi Technique Demand Characteristics Demographic Analysis Demographic Database Demographic Profiles Demographics Demography Dendogram Density Dependability Dependency Dependent Variable Depth Interview Descriptive Function Descriptive Studies Design Control Design Flexibility Desk-Top Research Deviation Diad Diagnostic Function Diary Diary panel Dichotomous Questions Digitizing Direct Computer Interviewing Direct Digital Marketing Direct Paired Comparison Directory Database Disappointment Score Discrete Choice Modeling Discrete Variable Discretionary Income Discriminant Analysis Discriminant Coefficient Discriminant Score Discriminant Validity Discussion Guide Discussion Question Discussion of Technique Disguised Observation Disk-By-Mail (DBM) Disposable Income Disproportional Or Optimal Allocation Disqualifier Distribution Distribution Check Divestiture Studies Do It Yourself (DIY) Marketing Research Door-To-Door Interviewing Double Blind Experiment Double Blind Test Double Jeopardy Double Sampling Double-Barreled Questions Dummy Variable Duplicate Number Validation Durable Goods Dyad Dynamic Systems
M M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce) MAPPing MCAPI (mobile computer assisted Personal interviewing) MCAPI software MCASI (mobile computer assisted self-administered interviewing) MCASI software MEG (moderated E-mail group) MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) Machine-readable data Mail panel Mail surveys Mall intercept interviewing Mann-Whitney U Test Mapping Margin of error Marginal Market Market (category) evaluations Market Research Market Research Society (MRS) Market Research Society of New Zealand (MRSNZ) Market feasibility studies Market forecasting Market opportunity studies Market research apps Market segmentation Market simulation Market statistics Marketing Marketing Research Association (MRA) Marketing Research Sales Manager Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) Marketing concept Marketing information systems (MIS) Marketing mix Marketing research Marketing research service provider Marketing research software providers Marketing research supplier Marketing strategy Markov model Markt Onderzoek Associatie (MOA) Matched T-test Matching Maturation Maturation error Mean Mean deviation Mean square error Measure of location Measurement Measurement error Measures of central tendency Measures of variability Media marketing areas Media research Median Medical interviewing Mental model Merchandising studies Method specific results Methodological log Methodology Metric scale Microdata Midway term Migration Millennials Mini-focus group Minigroup Mixed groups Mobile Market Research (MMR) Mobile Qualititative Mobile Survey Mobile ethnography Mobility Mock jury trials Mode Modeling Moderator Moderator guide Monadic Monitor Mortality Motivational research Moving average Multi-client research Multi-item scale Multi-modal methods Multicollinearity Multicultural Research Multidimensional scaling (MDS) Multiple answers Multiple choice questions Multiple cross-sectional design Multiple regression analysis Multiple style room Multiple time-series design Multipurpose Room Multivariate analysis Music tests Mutually exclusive Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) Mystery shoppers Mystery shopping Mystery shopping providers
P P-Commerce (Proximity Commerce) PAPI (paper and pencil interviewing) PMSA (primary metropolitan statistical area) Package development research Packaging testing Paired comparison Panel Panel Manager Panel study Paper and Scan Software Parameter Parent (underlying) distribution Parsimony principle Part worths Participant Pearson's correlation coefficient Penetration Penetration analysis People Meter People reader Per capita income Percentile Perceptual MAPPing Periodicity Personal income Personal interviewing Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group (PMRG) Phenomenology Photo sort Physical control Pilot questionnaire Pilot study Placement interview Point estimator Point-of-Purchase research Political polling Pop-up survey Population Population Association of America (PAA) Population centroid Population distribution Population pyramid Population specification error Population standard deviation Positioning Positioning statement Post hoc segmentation Post-test Poverty Pre-Recruit interviewing Pre-experimental design Pre-recruited central-location test Pre-teen Pre-test (Pretest or Pre test) Precision (lack of) Prediction markets Predictive dialing Predictive function Predictive markets Predictive validity Predictor variables Prefix Prerecruits (pre-recruits) Presentation software Pricing research Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA) Primary Purchaser Primary data Primary income earner Primary research Primary sampling units Primary shopper Probability (or density) function Probability Proportionate to Size (PPS) Probability distribution Probability of a simple event Probability of an event Probability sample Probing Probit model Processing error Processing error Product (sample) pick-up Product and Service Update Product concept testing Product movement data syndicated services Product placement research Product positioning studies Product pricing research Product prototype tests Product purchasing studies Product testing research Professional Marketing Research Society (PMRS) Professional respondent Profile Program effectiveness studies Programmatic research Project audit Projectability Projection Projective Promotion evaluation studies Promotional feature benefit analysis Prompt Proportional allocation Proprietary technique Pseudo research Psychographic research Psychological research Public opinion studies Puget Sound Research Forum (PSRF) Pupilometer Purchase intent scales Purpose
S SAQ (self-administered questionnaire) SIC (standard industrial classification) Salience Sample Sample control Sample definition Sample distribution Sample population Sample size Sample space Sample specific results Sample unit Sampling Sampling company Sampling distribution of the proportion Sampling distribution of the sample means Sampling distribution of the sample statistic Sampling error Sampling fraction Sampling frame Sampling interval Sampling software Satisficers Scale Scaled-response questions Scanner panel Scanning Scatter diagram Scientific method Screener Screening Second lifetime value (SLTV) Secondary analysis Secondary data Secondary research Sectional center facility (SCF) Segment Segmentation studies Selection Selection bias Selection error Selective perception Selective research Self-administered survey Self-selection bias Semantic differential Semiotics Sensory research Sentence and story completion Sequential testing Serial effect Serious games Service quality measurement (SQM) Services Sex ratio Shopper insights Shopper patterns Short census form Sigmoid curve Sign-out sheets Significance level Significance test Significant difference Simple random sample (SRS) Simulated sales test Simulated test market (STM) Simulation studies Single-number research Site selection analysis Skewed distribution Skip pattern Smiling face scale Snowball samples Social Media Listening Social Media Mining Social Media Scraping Social desirability bias Social grade Social indicator Social media analytics Social media marketing Social research Society Of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) Socio-economic groups Soft Goods Software Review Solomon four-group design Spearman rank-order correlation Spec Writer/Programmer Spec writing Spec writing-CAPI Spec writing-CATI Spec writing-Web Special Markets Specialized service or support firms Specifications Split-half technique Spontaneous awareness Spurious correlation Stability Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA) Standard deviation Standard error Standard normal distribution Stapel scale Starting point State data center Static-group comparison Statistic Statistical analysis Statistical analysis service providers Statistical control Statistical inference Statistician Statistics Stochastic fancy Store audit Store control tests Store simulation studies Strata Strategic marketing Strategic partnering Strategy research Stratified random sample Structured observation Stub Sub-block Sub-sample Subject Subjective question Sum of squares due to regression Sunbelt Supervisor's instructions Surrogate Error Surrogate information error Survey Survey Monitor Survey design & analysis software Survey objectives Survey research Synchronic Syndicated research Syndicated service research firms Systematic sample Systemic error