Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) research, while both beneficial and essential to the research industry, each require different tools and methods to be successful. B2B research can prove to be more difficult when it comes to finding the right respondents and practicing the right methodologies.

These B2B research companies can provide the tools and techniques necessary to help gain customer insights for your business, whether you are a part of a small business or a Fortune 500 company. These research companies offer a wide range of solutions for B2B research, including panels, surveys and project management. Finding the right respondents for B2B research can be a more difficult task than finding respondents for B2C. Respondents for B2B can be few and far between, but these specialty research companies can provide hard-to-reach panelists and respondents like health care professionals, business decision makers, C-suite respondents or employees and workers in niche industries like construction or education. If you need the right tools and resources for your B2B market research, consider these companies.


Founded 2020 

Chris Wells, Managing Director

Adience is the “urge to investigate a topic or solution.” When we established Adience, our “urge” was to investigate what marketing and insights professionals want from their research partners. So, unlike many agencies, we did some research of our own. We listened to what clients were telling us and built an agency that does things a little differently. Specifically, we offer a lot more flexibility and transparency. For example, we let clients get more involved throughout the research process – they can sit in our analysis sessions if they want. Another example – if clients want to do certain stages of the research process in-house, we design a project around their needs, rather than insisting on delivering a project end-to-end.

Phone 1-646-799-5020


Ann Michaels & Associates

Founded 1998 | 11 employees

Kathy Doering, CEO 

B2B mystery shopping offers business-to-business companies an opportunity to gain critical insights from the customer’s or prospect’s vantage point. Unlike feedback surveys, mystery shopping digs deeper and provides the company with a more granular peek inside each customer touchpoint within the organization. Ann Michaels & Associates has performed B2B mystery shops for over 15 years thanks in part to our diverse database of evaluators, many of whom are in their own business or work for a company that fits perfectly into our clients’ requirements. We perform one-time studies as well as ongoing programs.

Phone 866-703-8238

B2B International

Founded 1998 | 120 employees

Matthew Harrison, CEO

B2B International is the largest B2B-focused market research firm, with offices across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Our client portfolio includes 600 of the world’s largest 1,500 companies. We have conducted 3,000+ B2B research studies spanning a wide range of sectors from traditional heavy industry to financial and business services. From sole proprietors to corporates; from procurement to production – we know how to reach the right audiences and extract the intelligence you need. As B2B specialists in branding, product development, segmentation, customer experience, pricing and more, we provide the most comprehensive range of B2B research services to give your brand a competitive edge.   

Phone 914-761-1909

Blackstone Group

Founded 1987 | 100 employees

Ashref Hashim, CEO; Vicky Griffin, Vice President

The Blackstone Group is a market research and consulting firm with 30 years of experience delivering custom research and insights to Fortune 1000 companies around the world. By utilizing our cutting-edge resources, tools and industry expertise, we offer solutions to B2B issues and clients. We offer a full range of services – qualitative, quantitative and multimode solutions including traditional and online approaches that will provide the most impactful and valuable insights for industries including financial services and insurance, technology, health care and pharmaceutical, energy and utilities and more to meet your complex and challenging issues and target audience.

Phone 312-423-4002; 312-423-4028

Branded Research Inc.

Founded 2012 | 36 employees

Matt Gaffney, CEO

Branded Research, Inc. is a leading insights and technology company that provides actionable data to drive impactful business and marketing decisions. Our data collection platform helps our clients gather unique B2B insights to develop more informed marketing and product development strategies. What makes our B2B research capabilities unique? Branded leverages social networks like LinkedIn for our B2B research, with panelists who are engaged members of professional networks. With our socially-validated and secure approach, B2B panelbrandedists are targeted and recruited for surveys from their social networks, allowing for powerful and precise targeting information including job title, organization size, and industry. 

Phone 888-848-2525

Clear Seas Research

Founded 2006 | 15 employees

Mitch Henderson, Co-CEO

Clear Seas Research is a full-service marketing research company focused on conducting business-to-business market research for niche markets including: construction, food and beverage, manufacturing, packaging, HVAC and security. Unrivaled sample reach into these core markets is provided by myCLEARopinion panel. Subscription-based, syndicated industry offerings from CLEARMarketTrends Reports and CLEAReports provide clients with valuable insights into these niche markets. While core custom research solutions focus on understanding brand positioning, marketing effectiveness, customer satisfaction/experiences and new product development, customized research methodologies are developed for every project. Data collection methods include: online surveys, focus groups, central location testing, mail surveys.

Phone 248-786-1683


Founded 1989 | 30 employees

Brian Lunde, Sr. Vice President of Client Solutions

As a world-class B2B consulting firm focused in behavioral sciences, CMI provides valuable information based on the evolved principles of market research to uncover the decision-making process for your intermediary partners. In today’s volatile and competitive marketplace, customer acquisition, share of wallet and retention have never been more critical. CMI successfully applies learning across industries that share similar business models, often bringing a fresh perspective to familiar problems and helping our clients manage and maximize their resources when dealing with complex business models and multiple intermediaries. We identify why your intermediary partners make decisions and where we can make the most impact to influence their decision to refer your brand more often.

Phone 678-805-4021

Customer Lifecycle LLC

Founded 2008 | 16 employees

Karin A Ferenz, CEO

In today’s challenging marketplace, we at Customer Lifecycle help organizations do more with less. We are a global market research consultancy working with B2B/B2C companies to plan and conduct research to accurately identify and measure requirements for customer acquisition, satisfaction and loyalty, share of wallet growth and retention. With reach to about 3 million individuals in 160+ countries, we conduct strategic qualitative and quantitative research in multiple localized languages on a worldwide basis. We specialize in advanced quantitative analytic techniques. We help companies avoid costly mistakes by focusing on thorough front-end planning, appropriate support for research execution and action implementation at the back end.

Phone 630-412-8989

Geo Strategy Partners 

Founded 1992 | 32 employees

Mark Towery, CEO

Geo Strategy Partners is the Go-to-Firm for Go-to-Market Strategy. With offices in all regions of the world, Geo Strategy Partners leverages market research and competitive intelligence to help clients navigate change and drive growth on a global scale. Equipped with a full portfolio of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and data analytics, Geo Strategy also has consultants that understand the business and industrial environment and how to convert insights and intelligence into strategy. Geo Strategy makes the market opportunity and competitive landscape transparent so you know “where you are.... where you need to be... and how to get there.”

Phone 770-650-8495

Global Survey

Founded 2008 | 18 employees

Mayank Bhanushali, Founder and Managing Director

Global Survey is your top choice of solutions partner for end-to-end project management needs. We augment your research operations by making available top-of-the line infrastructure setup, proven processes and highly trained personnel for every stage of the operational lifecycle of a research study. Under this engagement model, you keep control over the client interaction and overall management while we help move the project successfully from survey scripting and data analytics to reporting and visualization. Engaging with us at Global Survey for our end-to-end project management capabilities provides multiple business benefits. You can apply economies of scale and execute a bigger volume of projects without the need to hire and maintain costly human capital in-house.

Phone +91-79-2589-0030

Gold Research Inc.

Founded 2006 | 5,500+ Surveyors

Nitin Sharma, CEO, Market Researcher

Gold Journey Mapping: Our customized B2B and B2C journey maps display customers’ entire paths-to-purchase by segment (and channels) to help you make targeted improvements and impact buyers positively. Gold Intercepts: We guarantee Real-Time Certified Surveys from Credentialed Surveyors. We specialize in customer satisfaction research, exit interviews, store audits, mobile surveys, anywhere in U.S. or Canada. Gold Research-Support: We offer survey programming, data processing, open-ends and report development so you can focus on more critical tasks. Gold Full Service: Satisfaction research, concept testing, marketing/ad testing. We specialize in collecting the right insights needed to help take your business to the next level.

Phone 800-549-7170


Founded 2014 | 80 employees

George Llorens, Co-Founder/Managing Director

Innovate delivers real people, quality data and superior client service. Innovate is a global B2B and consumer sampling firm, generating high-quality data from engaged panelists. Founders Matt Dusig, Gregg Lavin and George Llorens pioneered the modern digital sampling industry, creating the world-class uSamp and goZing panels. Innovate provides 24/7 client service to thousands of market researchers around the world. Innovate pioneered Human-Powered SamplingTM, which promotes responsive communication for client satisfaction and created the B2B First Class PanelTM, which is a heavily screened, profiled and engaged audience of B2B survey respondents. 

Phone 818-584-2090

Ivy Exec Inc. 

Founded 2007 | 40 employees

Elena Bajic, CEO

Ivy Exec Inc. is a leading online executive membership community of 950,000+ high-caliber business professionals, C-suite executives, KOLs and decision makers in various industries. With over 10 years of executive recruitment experience and business acumen, we function as part of your team and assist with all your B2B respondent recruitment needs by combining technology with “human power” to deliver B2B executives quickly, consistently and cost-effectively. We specialize in recruiting hard-to-reach respondents to participate in market research studies. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with your next B2B respondent recruitment needs (e.g., recruiting, project management, scheduling, screener programing, incentive distribution, etc.) for your next B2B research project!

Phone 646-217-0708

Just The Facts Inc.

Founded 1990

Bruce Tincknell, CEO

Just The Facts is in our 25th year of delivering high-quality, strategic solutions to clients around the globe. Providing deep insights in B2B categories with strategic results-driven consulting and research. JTF is a CASRO “elite” research firm, your attentive partner for client-centric solutions. Methodologies include win-loss, focus groups, IDIs, surveys, competitive-market intelligence/assessment and secondary search. JTF’s cutting-edge technology uses online methods for focus groups, IDIs, white boards. Specialties are win-loss, customer insights, new products and competitive/market intelligence/assessment. Call JTF today for solutions! 

Phone 847-506-0033


Founded 1996 | 700+ employees globally

Caroline Frankum, Global CEO

When it comes to B2B research, skills and experience are paramount. It is essential to know how to ask the right questions to qualify an audience and where to source quality respondents. Lightspeed maintains a dedicated team of B2B research professionals that excel in account, sample and project management to deliver innovative solutions, every time. We recruit our B2B panel by industry and retain global panels that are profiled for occupation and industry attributes to fulfill your project needs. With notable strength across IT decision makers and health care professionals, Lightspeed is the go-to resource for your B2B research.

Phone 908-605-4500

Market Cube LLC

Founded 2011 | 80 employees

Steve Hopkins, Adi Raj, Ted Pulsifer, Dipak Singh

Market Cube is a rapidly growing quantitative data collection firm specializing in B2B and consumer sample. With over 150 profiling points, our ability to affordably reach the correct B2B audience in a quick, reliable way is second to none. As a highly integrated, technology-focused partner we have built our own custom panel management software suite, Panel Cube, giving us unprecedented scale and reach. We have exclusive access to Specpan, the leading online construction panel, and proprietary B2B panels highlighted by IT, finance and retail sectors in the U.S., CA EU5 and Russia. We Help You Shine!

Phone 843-628-5388

The Martec Group

Founded 1984 | 100+ employees

Jim Durkin, President

Extraordinary. Intelligence. Founded in 1984, The Martec Group has grown to more than 100+ professional staff members across six global offices. We discover and decode intelligence and insights across a wide range of industries, specializing in B2B markets such as automotive, chemicals, health care, building products and financial services (among many others). We love a challenge and pride ourselves on answering the questions that “can’t be answered” ... a common refrain in the B2B world. Our solutions are customized to suit the unique requirements of our clients, with each engagement conducted by a team of specialists combining industry expertise with state-of-the-art methodologies. 

Phone 888-811-5755

Olson Research Group Inc.

Founded 1995 | 60+ employees

Charles Olson, CEO

Olson Research offers a full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative market research services with deep access to a robust proprietary database of 2.4 million U.S. health care professionals throughout the life sciences sector, including 960,000 active physicians. Precise targeting is available with up to 75 unique profiling fields. We are best known for: Access – Our unique and thorough reach to all facets of the U.S. health care decision maker population; Experience – Our team of seasoned PMs having on average 8+ years of industry experience; and Approach - Our flexible and collaborative approach to project design, fielding and final deliverables. 

Phone 267-487-5500

Rabin Research Company

Founded 1963 | 20 employees

Michelle Elster, President

International and domestic B2C and B2B marketing research services for health care/pharmaceuticals, packaged goods, financial services, insurance, entertainment and new technology industries. Service principles: high-quality work, on-time delivery, creative study designs, strategic insights, competitive prices, exceeding expectations. Study types: concepts, segmentation, product use/sensory, names, packages, product design, advertising, customer satisfaction, awareness/attitude/usage, tracking, pricing, problem detection, promotions, positionings, promises. Data collection techniques: Internet/mobile, telephone, central-locations, mail and in-person. Qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Phone 312-527-5009

Russell Research Inc.

Founded 1946 | 85 employees

John DeBiasio, CEO

Russell Research helps some of world’s most innovative B2B-focused organizations improve their customer experience through custom research. Using best-in-class research practices, we deliver actionable insights across B2B categories for journey mapping, touchpoint exploratory, competitive strategy, product innovation, marketing development and results tracking. With more than 70 years of experience in B2B research, recent studies spanning 100+ countries and in-house capabilities including an executive telephone center and recruitment facility, Russell Research is uniquely positioned to meet the growing needs of B2B marketers.

Phone 201-528-0400

SIS International Research

Founded 1984 | 75 employees

Ruth Stanat, CEO

SIS International Research is a global market research and strategic market intelligence company providing full-service consumer, B2B, automotive and health care research. Our services include recruitment, fieldwork, data collection, interviewing, analysis and reporting. Our research solutions include focus groups, surveys, multi-country B2B interviews, product testing, in-home usage tests (IHUTs), concept testing, brand research, usability research and surveys. Uniquely, SIS has a strategy research unit providing market sizing, market opportunity and entry strategy, benchmarking and competitive intelligence. Our coverage is nationwide USA and worldwide. Our headquarters and focus group facility is located in New York and our key regional offices include London, Shanghai and Manila.

Phone 212-505-6805

SSI (Survey Sampling International)

Founded 1977

Chris Fanning, President and CEO

Celebrating 40 years in business, SSI is the premier global provider of data solutions and technology for consumer and business-to-business survey research. SSI reaches participants in 90+ sample countries via Internet, telephone, mobile/wireless and mixed-access offerings. SSI staff operates from 40 offices and remote staff in over 20 countries, offering sample, data collection, CATI, questionnaire design consultation, programming and hosting, online custom reporting and data processing. SSI’s employees serve more than 3,500 customers worldwide.

Phone 203-567-7200

The StarPoint Consulting Group

Founded 1998 | 4 employees

Jerry Cole, CEO

The StarPoint Consulting Group has been deeply involved in B2B research since its inception in 1998. Our primary engagements have involved private label branding, industrial tool sales, the MRO space and the automotive aftermarket. We emphasize telephone or online interviews with key decision makers, sales leaders and industry specialists to highlight new business opportunities and to identify strategies and tactics that strengthen existing marketing efforts. We currently are assisting a major manufacturer of precision tools with a complete revamp of their sales training materials to focus on their brand’s unique features, legendary durability and industry-leading innovations.

Phone 773-342-5660

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