Where better to reach shoppers than in the places where they shop? In-store research catches consumers as they make critical purchasing decisions, and the insights gathered through related methodologies enable companies to make important choices about packaging, placement and more. As shopping attitudes and behaviors continue to shift, the landscape of in-store research will shift too, and a quality research partner will help ease this transition to a new consumer climate.

The following companies employ a range of methodologies to meet your in-store research needs – from the supermarket and beyond. From face-to-face techniques such as shop-alongs and intercept interviewing to tech-driven methods like virtual ethnographies and eye-tracking, these companies are well equipped to handle your in-store research needs.

ath Power Consulting

Founded 1997 | 60+ employees

Frank Aloi, CEO

We’re ath Power Consulting and we’ve been providing our clients with exceptional CX, EX and UX research and training solutions in the U.S. and Canada since 1997. We believe our purpose is to provide clients such an extraordinarily positive experience working with us that it leaves no doubt we will help them achieve the same within their own organizations. We assess, we align and we help our clients achieve: better customer satisfaction, enhanced user experiences and vastly improved employee engagement. Need a larger research department or more employee training? ath Power Consulting can be part of your team.

Phone 1-978-474-6464


Founded 1986 | 200+ employees

Dana Stetzer, CEO

Since 1986, BestMark has helped businesses large and small improve employee and customer experiences to drive repeat business, loyalty and increased sales while turning customers into champions of their brands. We pride ourselves on continually leading and changing the landscape of our industry with proven and innovative mystery shopping, intercept interviewing, compliance auditing, customer satisfaction surveys and panel/focus group services. We draw from our arsenal of more than 600,000 shoppers, interviewers, auditors and panelists, providing coverage in more than 13,000 cities and towns throughout the U.S. and Canada. Working with Fortune 500/100/50 companies and a variety of other businesses in a wide range of industries, you will find that we thoroughly understand operations, technology and research, and we know what it takes to manage a successful customer experience program.

Phone 1-952-922-2205


Founded 1986 | 48 employees

Elaine Buxton, CEO

Confero’s customized solutions measure, monitor and report on employee performance, brand presentation, customer experience, user experience and compliance. The firm has deep experience with complex omnichannel fielding, data integration, brand representation at retail and on-the-spot rewards programs. In addition, fully integrated tech allows for crowdsourced insights for quick projects. It also allows for more robust, engagement-building, crowdsourced insights from loyal customers while in-store. Confero earned a Stevie Award for Customer Service Consulting Practice of the Year and is WBENC-certified. Confero offers mystery shopping services on-site, on the web, on mobile devices and through recorded telephone calls. 

Phone 1-800-326-3880

Creative Consumer Research

Founded 1976 | 83 employees; 13 full-time;
70 part-time

Patricia Pratt, CEO

Creative Consumer Research (CCR) is the most respected market research and consumer insights firm, providing accurate and actionable data for better business decisions. Using proven techniques, we work with a variety of industries including B2B, health care, consumer goods and more. If your business requires bilingual research, we proudly staff a team of experienced market researchers fluent in spoken and written English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Farsi and more. Whether your focus is on the United States or abroad, CCR can program and host your surveys online, whether you need pre-screeners or even a combination of telephone and web interviewing. Our resources allow us to thoroughly conduct studies quickly and inexpensively – no matter what the size. Maximize your business with the CCR market research and consumer insights team.

Phone 1-281-240-9646

Decision Analyst Inc.

Founded 1978 | 150 employees

Jerry W. Thomas, CEO

Decision Analyst provides both qualitative and quantitative in-store research services. We offer a variety of qualitative and ethnographic services for shopper research including: traditional in-person ethnographies, virtual ethnographies, ride-alongs, shop-alongs, video diaries and in-vehicle video. Decision Analyst’s quantitative shopper research services include in-store intercepts, online simulated shopping, employee research and sales analysis and data mining. Our moderators can recommend the data collection technique best-suited to your research needs. Decision Analyst has over four decades of experience in marketing research and delivers highly analytical and decision-oriented insights.

Phone 1-817-640-6166

Informed Decisions Group Inc.

Founded 2004 | 13 employees

Colin Valdiserri, CEO

Informed Decisions Group Inc. is a full-service behavioral insights firm specializing in shopper research. IDG has been innovating in-store research for 16 years by leveraging our proprietary mobile eye-tracking analyses, retail ethnography, unique unobtrusive shop-alongs, basket metrics and shopper intercepts. Our combination of qualitative, quantitative and behavioral methods has led to breakthrough insights for POG, package, display and in-store communications research. When in-store permissions are not viable, we have the only life-sized touch-interactive 3D virtual aisle that is portable to anywhere in the world. This affords our clients the ability to measure shopper behavior in any market or scenario.

Phone 1-440-454-0399

InsightFarm Inc.

Founded 2003 

Kelley Styring, Founder and Principal

InsightFarm can help you find new opportunities for growth through real-time learning from real people. From shop-alongs and in-store interviews to in-store ethnography and mobile video uploads, we bring a fresh, creative approach to everything we do. As a result, you can count on us to provide you with the unvarnished truth as well as inspiring insights that reveal new ideas, opportunities and ways to do business. Other firms will tell you what they’ve found – at InsightFarm, we’ll help you understand what those findings mean and what options they offer, and we’ll help you go from insight to action.

Phone 1-503-554-5567