Empathetic Change Management: How One Company Is On Pace To Save Thousands of Hours This Year Through AI Automation

Editor's note: C Space and Canvs' webinar on May 26, 2021, focused on the ability AI technology could have on insights and business.

In today’s competitive culture, researchers are tasked with making quick business decisions based on thousands of pieces of unstructured data. The daunting undertaking of hand-coding data to uncover insights in an efficient, objective manner is inevitably labor intensive – but the richness of open-ended insight is unparalleled. Join C Space and Canvs as we discuss how C Space is restructuring its research practice to be as efficient as possible, especially in the area of extracting insight from open ends. The innovative decision to use AI positions C Space to scale while remaining consistent and uncover the most critical insights necessary to make confident, data-driven business decisions.

If applying structure and automation to unstructured data is something your organization struggles with, you won’t want to miss this session. We’ll walk through a live case study with C Space around the benefits of adopting AI technology, what new efficiencies or insights they’ve been able to expose and the business impact they expect to see from this new approach.


Celeste Balboni, Product Innovation Specialist at C Space

Jared Feldman Founder and CEO at Canvs AI