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Insight enablement platform

Gone are the days where experiences, market fluctuations or separate industries stand alone. Our motto at CivicScience reflects the interconnection of the world: “Everything affects everything and everything’s constantly changing. So, we study everything constantly.” Market dynamics are just that – not static. Therefore, reporting that focuses on one niche of the consumer life, and is over six weeks old, is irrelevant for making business decisions now.

Laptop screen showing CivicScience's dashboard.

With inflation growing and a potential recession on the horizon, understanding micro-changes in customer sentiment, economic outlook and other realities that shift quickly is imperative to make informed decisions that give your company a competitive advantage.

Our insights enablement platform, The InsightStore, enables our partners to discover market and consumer trends before they grow and accurately predict future consumer behaviors and market outcomes. 

CivicScience does this by gathering, ethically sourced, first-party consumer responses through our non-intrusive, innovative polling platform that sits on hundreds of mainstream media and news websites, collecting ~3 million responses a day.  

Six images of statistical information.Our scale allows us to ask and report on the findings of over 2,000 always-on, syndicated questions across all industries, cultural trends, topics and major brands, all with historical context. Our powerful platform enables our clients to add tailored ad hoc or tracking questions at any time, while enriching their data and insights to more effectively understand their consumer segments and optimize marketing and media plans for stronger outcomes.