For many, the past few weeks have seen the coronavirus transition from an abstraction to a very concrete reality. As schools and restaurants have closed and many companies have sent workers home, businesses and individuals alike have had to adjust to the upheaval – and due to social distancing – somewhat on our own. However, there’s been an explosion of resources and content offering some guidance and solidarity.

The below list is by no means exhaustive, but through it Quirk’s hopes to offer a compilation of resources, articles and insights pertaining to the coronavirus and the change it has created. Quirk’s will continue to publish coronavirus-related content, so be on the lookout for subsequent compilations like this.

ESOMAR released information and recommendations for research and individuals regarding the virus. Read more.

The Market Research Benevolent Association may be able to offer financial assistance to workers who are most impacted by the coronavirus. For more information or to submit an application, click here.

The Market Research Society published general business and research advice for navigating business during the outbreak. Read more.

The Insights Association has compiled a list of resources for keeping up to date with the latest public health advice and business guidance. Read more.

Jamil Zaki, professor of psychology at Stanford, takes a look at some of the psychological risks associated with social distancing and offers some strategies to combat them. Read more.

Responding to the way a sudden shift to remote work can increase loneliness, Fader & Associates Strategist Susan Fader offers practical advice for staying connected outside of work interactions. Read more.

Kathryn Korostoff, founder and lead instructor at Research Rockstar, explores some ways that workplaces and teams can stay connected and productive despite the shift in working habit...