Qualitative/Quantitative Platform 

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional recruiting methods and hello to the future of research with Hivemind.Zone.  

Developed by the innovative team at Echo Market Research, Hivemind.Zone is the industry's first gig ecosystem for global recruiting, intercepts, mystery shopping and more!

Hivemind.Zone The MRX gig ecosystem.

Hivemind.Zone offers relevant, paid gig opportunities for individuals around the world to complete a variety of market research tasks. 

We believe in giving our clients the flexibility to choose between a full-service option or a DIY approach. Either way, our Hivemind community is dedicated to providing the highest-quality research results to meet your unique needs.

Hivemind.Zone gig scoping detailed info.

The intuitive dashboard offers a frictionless experience for both our community and our clients. With just a few clicks, you can access our extensive network of community members and launch your project with ease. 

So why wait? See it now.

Contact us today to schedule a demo and discover how Hivemind.Zone can revolutionize the way you conduct market research. 


Hivemind.Zone by Echo Market Research.