The job market has changed over the last five years and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated that change. Workers and companies alike want more flexibility. 

Among many surveys, more than three-quarters of non-traditional workers reported being satisfied with their independent work arrangements. They report that the control this arrangement allows them over their scheduling is a main reason for their satisfaction along with the income it provides. 

For companies, using gig employees allows them to have experts when they need them and allows their business to operate at scale. CIO reports that “95 percent of businesses now view this new gig labor as a key element to developing and running a successful business.” The marketing research and insights industry is no different. The problem for most industries, including ours, is that it is often difficult to find vetted gig employees and vetted employers to make the relationship work successfully.

Quirk’s Talent was originally launched to help bring qualified talent to jobs for full-time and part-time permanent placement, but we have added a new service to match independent/gig contractors and employers together!

Whether you are a research vendor or an end-client brand, let our decades of experience and vast database of talent find the perfect person for your temporary project or expansion plans. Pay just for the amount of time you need. No long-term contracts or HR issues to deal with. A freelance/contract insight professional from Quirk’s Talent allows you to complete the job at a lower commitment. Quirk’s will ensure the person has the right skills and experience needed for your project. To lean more visit www.QuirksTalent.com.

If you are looking for a more flexible schedule, supplemental income or variety in your work, consider adding your résumé to the Quirk’s Talent database. Quirk’s Talent is looking for in...