Below is a list of the available presentation materials from speakers. Please note that numerous speakers could not get permission from their legal departments to share their presentations.

TUES9:001BehaviorallyRevolutionizing insights with the power of artificial intelligence
TUES9:002McDonald’sThe case for cultivating curiosity
TUES9:003ResearchScribeDigestible data: Making research deliverables accessible and understandable
TUES9:004EyeSee, The Clorox CompanyDecoding innovation: 3 key lessons on the testing frontier
TUES9:451Knit, Condé NastResearch innovation: How Condé Nast is using AI-powered quant and qual to explore emerging trends among future consumers
TUES9:452GetWhyThis is how you deploy AI in qual consumer insights
TUES9:453Canvs AI, CurionHigh-Trust AI Case Study: How Curion Generates Critical Insights from Unstructured Feedback
TUES9:454MaristPoll, CintPainting an accurate political picture for a polarizing presidential election: How Marist Poll reaches the right respondents in real time
TUES10:301E-Tabs, Bellomy Market ResearchAutomated insight reporting done right
TUES10:302aha insights technologyHow to strategically apply AI to qual data sets for better accuracy
TUES10:303Toluna, MolsonCoors, Beam SuntoryHappiest hour: How can alcohol brands meet consumers where they are amidst a major cultural drinking shift?
TUES10:304The Coca-Cola Company, Dig InsightsFrom [gate] 0 to 100: What’s the benefit of ‘fast’ In 2024?
TUES11:151Protobrand, Colgate-PalmoliveUncover category barriers with behavioral science
TUES11:152The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, GfK -  an NIQ CompanyScotts Miracle-Gro's digital activation journey: Unlocking the full potential of segmentation
TUES11:153dtectThe true cost of (poor) quality: How fraud and bad data impact the bottom line and send clients packing
TUES11:154CambriUsing AI to drive stronger product performance: Learn how top CPG brands like Coca-Cola, Carlsberg and Nestlé use AI to guide, predict and improve their innovation success
TUES12:001T-Mobile, ACUPOLL Precision ResearchFueling the T-Mobile Uncarrier growth story with System 1 research
TUES12:002Carhartt, Fuel CyclePropelling your brand to the forefront of retail innovation with concept testing
TUES12:003Curion, Zaxby's, Johnsonville, BISSELLFarming verticals for innovative research
TUES12:004quantilope, Florida's NaturalBetter brand health basics with Florida’s Natural: Grow your brand using mental availability
TUES1:301Burke, Inc., Seed StrategyNavigating advocacy marketing: Building brand strength with purpose
TUES1:302Ipsos, SynchronyThe future of shopping with Synchrony and Ipsos
TUES1:303MARS Snacking, Dragonfly AIThe key to unlocking consumer decision-making
TUES1:304Rep Data, QualtricsAre bots driving your brand love? – Quantifying the effect of fraud in market research
TUES2:151Shiseido Americas Corporation, SuzyCreating campaigns for beauty’s biggest brands with Shiseido
TUES2:152Rubiklab, ATP Canada Software & Services Ltd.Augmented intelligence: Transforming research with automation
TUES2:153Warner Bros. Discovery, Rival Group (Rival Tech and Reach3)Reimagining community: How Warner Bros. Discovery is embracing an agile, mobile-first approach to get high-quality insights, fast
TUES2:154C+R Research, JohnsonvilleCultural insights and neurological immersion: A recipe for relevance
TUES3:001Ascribe, Screen Engine ASIUnlocking the power of AI in coding open-end comments
TUES3:002Insight Management AcademyDefining an insight team's purpose in an AI-shaped world
TUES3:003BAMM New York, WalmartWalmart: Unlocking brand love
TUES3:004PepsiCo, WoxiInnovating Innovation: How PepsiCo Makes Agile, Yet Confident Innovation Decisions, Using Always-On Predictive Analytics and Their Preferred Insights solutions.
TUES4:001SImilarwebDecoding e-commerce: Navigating consumer behavior and evolving digital experiences with Similarweb
TUES4:002J P MorganEnd-to-end executive engagement in market research
TUES4:003HighlightApplying agile software principles to drive successful (physical) product development
TUES4:004VerizonA roadmap to improving accessibility
TUES4:451Delta Air Lines, StravitoReady for takeoff: How Delta is democratizing insights
TUES4:452Relative Insight, PSB InsightsRun programs, not projects to really make an impact
TUES4:453Veylinx, General MillsThe supermarket sweep: How General Mills uses behavioral experiments to wow consumers, delight retailers and slay its snacking competition
TUES4:454Olson Zaltman, MolsonCoorsWalk a country mile (in your customers' boots): Decoding the hidden values of rural Americans
WED9:001ExpediaIn their own words: Why open-ended feedback matters and how to manage it
WED9:002TRIBE Insights, IncSay YES to GenAI!
WED9:003Electrolux Major AppliancesFueling Innovation: The Value of Research Partnerships
WED9:004Inspirient GmbH, HotspexBeyond the obvious: Harnessing generative AI to analyze quantitative survey data, both current and historic
WED9:451Black Swan DataA case study in AI-powered social data for product innovation
WED9:452Insight Management AcademyImproving an insight team's profile to increase its impact
WED9:453MarketVision Research, American Cancer SocietyUsing research to improve the Team DetermiNation experience for the American Cancer Society
WED9:454T-Mobile, ACUPOLL ResearchT-Mobile’s Magenta Status program, inspired by revolutionary qual+quant sessions – live demo with AI tech
WED10:301DatamaticsHow AI and CXM helped a retail brand customize product design
WED10:302BAMM New YorkWhat happens when purpose doesn’t drive business
WED10:303InsightsNow, INc.Everyone loves chocolate! Reinventing competitive benchmarking to win the moment
WED10:304aytmA leap forward or a societal menace? Tracking changes in American sentiment of AI technologies over time
WED11:151NielsenIQInnovation vitality: How to launch more enduring products and incremental innovations
WED11:152Quest Mindshare, Fordis ConsultingBeyond HHI: Redefining consumer households, wealth and purchasing power
WED11:153buzzback, Land O’Frost (Wellshire, Bistro Favorites, Colamecco), Newell Brands (Coleman, Rubbermaid, Graco, Baby Jogger, Nuk)Premium vs. value - A cross-category client roundtable
WED11:154Audacy, Inc.Audio rituals: How contextually relevant audio advertising drives business results
WED12:001Hunter-Miller, Inc.Leading with Black insights
WED12:002TolunaChanges in consumer sentiment, confidence and ever-changing spending habits: An exploration of global and regional trends for 2024
WED12:003Zappi, McDonald'sGetting a head start: How McDonald’s uses historic data to design its next great product
WED12:004SightXFrom business questions to strategic decisions: Harnessing the power of generative AI for consumer insights
WED1:301uscellularExploring a way to use generative AI for insights
WED1:30284.51°How real humans with real purchases can help close the say-do gap
WED1:303Ipsos, Kohler, The Kraft Heinz CompanyDoing more with less
WED1:304Zaxby’sThe importance of industry-specific approaches
WED2:151FandomMessaging AI: Understanding and managing perceptions of of AI and ChatGPT in a user-generated content community
WED2:152Kerry, C+R ResearchThe food waste imperative
WED2:153Amazon, First InsightsUnlocking the power of ResearchOps!
WED2:154IpsosHow your brand can harness consumption occasions to attract more people, more often and more easily
WED3:001Universal Destinations and ExperiencesWe aren’t using the numbers, the numbers are using us: The impact of quantification on MR, credibility and professional control
WED3:002GlassdoorLeveraging category entry points for enhanced user engagement on Glassdoor
WED3:003LinkedIn'I’m in My AI Era' – The evolving role of market research in an AI era
WED3:004Ingenium ResearchBeyond tacos: Understanding the diverse and dynamic Hispanic population
WED3:451Edgewell Personal CareThe great unlock with gen AI – next-gen qual research
WED3:452Chykalophia, The JM Smucker CoThe power of you: Personal branding essentials for success
WED3:453Mindstate GroupBehavioral insights made actionable: The four behavioral science insights needed to solve any brand growth challenge
WED3:454SemrushMapping the buyer's mind: Crafting personas for targeted marketing success (case study)
The Quirks Event Chicago 2024 990
The Quirks Event Chicago 2024 990