Editor’s note: Sabrina Kidane is a research manager based in New York.

As the year begins, it is always good to recharge, reflect and consider what the new year holds.

And as we begin to enter a post-COVID reality, it is difficult to not reflect on the past three years. Among the many changes that have occurred, the shift to working remotely has changed the entire landscape of the corporate world. This shift has given millions of employees across the country the unique opportunity of “more time.” More time to be productive. More time to self-reflect. More time to spend with family.

This transition has given everyone the time to prioritize what is important, find where you are overextended and learn how to find balance. When life is moving so fast, it is certain you will miss a lot of the finer things that make life worthwhile. Until you stop and smell the roses, you will never realize how the small things you were missing truly impact your life. 

It was during this strange new telework reality that many came to the realization that they were lacking fulfillment in either their professional or personal endeavors. While people were working from home, many were able to commit more time to their families, embrace the importance of self-care, and dedicate themselves to hobbies and passions they have long desired to do. These personal endeavors have given an entire portion of the workforce a new lease on life.  

This energy allows for great productivity and gives work-life balance a whole new meaning. It gave light to how important it is to question if you are on right track. It has allowed some to tap into their true potential, find their purpose and embark on that improbable journey to achieving their highest of goals. 

We currently are witnessing a huge shift, an inspiring one at that. A pivot and a leap of faith to one’s true purpose. People leaving comfortable jobs they would have never risked doing, rejecting offers that do not align with their values, starting side businesses they have only dreamed of, starting nonprofits to help those in need and moving to new cities to chase dreams. 

All ages were impacted by the sudden surge of remote working situations in 2020. I hope many people use this as a reminder that there is no age limit to finding your purpose. Research shows these risks and changes taking shape among multiple generations.  

Finding balance and purpose at work

Not everyone has made the leap (or needs to). For some a few minor changes might be enough to allow them to feel the fulfillment they were longing for. And others are still figuring out what exactly they should be doing. Finding and moving within your purpose is what it means to truly be successful. 

You cannot rewind time … and as cliché as that sounds, it is true. I hope this year will allow more people to either continue moving in their purpose or find what fulfills them.