More than two-thirds of renters have misgivings about their apartment, according to a survey from HotPads, a San Francisco-based apartment and home search platform for renters in urban areas in the United States. The apartments’ monthly cost and noise level are among their top regrets.

In fast-moving housing markets, renters often have to act quickly to sign a lease and in the process may overlook things they will later regret. Over a quarter (26 percent) of renters cited their monthly rental payment as their biggest regret after moving in, followed by remorse over their apartments’ noise level (26 percent) and safety of the unit and neighborhood (21 percent). However, renters admit noise and safety were not even in their top five considerations during the apartment search.

Other common regrets include in-unit laundry (18 percent), a parking garage (15 percent) and air conditioning (12 percent) – elements that can be difficult to assess before moving in. Renter’s remorse can set in quickly: 61 percent of renters who have lived in their new rental for less than three months already have at least one regret about their choice. Since most renters opt for a 12-month lease, understanding what features matter most before committing to a rental can help prevent some of these common post move-in regrets.

HotPads worked with researcher Ipsos to conduct this survey. A nationally representative sample of 409 U.S. renters age 18 or older in buildings with five or more units (“apartment renters”) was interviewed online, in English. The survey was fielded September 5-7, 2017.

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