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Qualitative platform 

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended traditional qualitative research and forced focus group professionals who would prefer an in-person research setting to use digital methodologies. Unfortunately, online research technology providers can be very expensive, not very personal and often use platforms that the typical respondent may not be familiar with.

Atkins Strategies Zoom webinar technology in a meeting.

That’s why Atkins Strategies has introduced the Online Qualitative Research Concierge Service. Led by Dante Atkins, a trained moderator and qualitative research professional with decades of industry experience, the Online Research Concierge is a way of affordably ensuring the success of your online research project. The service uses Zoom webinar technology to host online research sessions. This means that participants are usually already familiar with the technology. Participants can connect with a mobile backup in case a laptop or tablet connection fails, or if a mobile device is the best connection available. The service includes:

  • Individual tech checks for all respondents (for English and Spanish sessions). 
  • Research host to present and display concepts so your moderator can focus on moderating.
  • A backup moderator to ensure that your project won’t fail if your moderator experiences a technical failure or internet outage. 
  • Recordings of your research project in both original language and with an interpreted audio channel, with availability no more than a few hours after the end of each session. 
  • A separately configured private chatroom to serve as a viewing room for you and your clients. 
  • Automated transcripts in both original language and interpretation.
  • A .vtt closed-caption file (English sessions only).

For a small additional fee, the following services are also available: 

  • Personal rescreening to validate your respondents.
  • Pre-programmed poll questions to quickly assess how your group feels about an issue without going around the room or raising hands. 
  • Subcontracting high-quality moderating and interpreting partners who are familiar with online technology and will make your project succeed. 

Get in touch with us at http://www.atkinsstrategies.llc/qual or e-mail dante@atkinsstrategies.llc for more information or to get a customized quote for your project.