Pulse Train updates Pulsar

U.K-based Pulse Train has released Pulsar WEB 2.50-00. Enhancements included within this version of the survey software are:

  • Caching of data. Report results are now stored inthe Pulsar WEB database once a report has been calculated. The results are then reloaded next time the report is opened so calculation time is avoided.
  • Optimization of ASR Table and chart generation is now faster.
  • Global Filter panel. The global filter is now displayed, along with the project details, in the bottom left corner of the screen. Users can fight-clickover this area to change the filter.
  • Domain refresh option. The refreshing of domains when creating new users can now be switched off. This can save time when creating new users on domains with many users.
  • Statistic suppression. Statistics that are not applicable for a report are now suppressed. Previously "N/A" would be displayed.
  • Load balancing. The calculation work can be shared between two Or more machines to increase the performance.
  • Support of the automatic transposition and weighting utility. This new utility allows users of Bellview FUSION and Bellview WEB to analyze large data sets more efficiently. Data accessed directly via the database is not stored in the best way for analysis. This is due to the fact that the data is stored on a respondent level, and because access through ODBC is not the fastest way to analyze large data sets.

The Pulsar WEB utility will periodically read the Bellview FUSION or Bellview WEB database and transpose the data into the optimal format for analysis by Pulsar WEB. Weighting can also be applied at this stage. The utility can be scheduled so that every x minutes the transposed data will be updated.

Walker debuts loyalty research product

Indianapolis-based Walker Information has released its SmartLoyalty Solution Provider (SP) edition, a customer survey solution combining research science and technology applications. SmartLoyalty SP helps equip businesses with knowledge about which customers are going to leave, which are going to stay and what changes can impact that decision.

The primary offering of Walker Information’s newly formed Mid market Solutions Division, SmartLoyalty SP will offer a system targeted at the IT solution provider category, including system integrators, value added resellers, IT/business consultants, service providers, telephony integrators, and software vendors.

SmartLoyalty SP combines causal models with a Web-based, hosted software application. Customer feedback on items such as the competitive landscape and future intent to purchase is enhanced by the ability to segment customers into specific loyalty groupings for insights at the individual account level. Other features include: automated e-mail alerts to keep account managers up-to-date with customers’ latest feedback and segmentation based on their attitudes and perceptions; and regularly scheduled email reports to keep employees accountable for monitoring and addressing specific customer concerns.

Stay on task with ProjectPads

Market Research Project Management, Inc., Kimberling City, Mo., is now offering ProjectPads - a series of printed guidebooks designed to help corporate market researchers improve their companies’ returns on investments made in custom market research.

ProjectPads are designed to help the market research project director maintain the integrity of the market research process when working with clients/sponsors, without frustrating their desires for responsiveness. In addition to the assistance they provide in organizing and monitoring market research project tasks, market research ProjectPads help establish the business ownership and commitment necessary for producing useful results.

The firm currently offers four ProjectPads: the Market Research Project LaunchPad; the Focus Group ProjectPad; the Phone Survey ProjectPad; and the Written Survey ProjectPad. The company also offers on-site seminars and one-on-one Internet tutorials designed to enhance market researchers’ project management skills.

GeoLytics releases Census packages

East Brunswick, N.J., software firm GeoLytics is now offering three new packages: Census 2000, Census Reference, and Census Research. Census 2000 package includes all of the CensusCD 2000 products (Long Form; Long Form Profile; Short Form; Short Form Blocks; Redistricting; Redistricting Blocks) in a package of 12 disks. The Census Reference package has of all of the firm’s CensusCD 2000 products and all of its Long Form products for the previous decades. This reference set provides all of the basic Census data available for the past four censuses (1970-2000). The Census Research Package includes all of the firm’s products in one bundle. It has all of the CensusCD 2000 products, the Long Form for from 1970, 1980, and 1990 and additionally has GeoLytics’ time series analysis products (Neighborhood Change Database; CensusCD 1990 in 2000 Boundaries).

New version of usability testing software

St. Paul-based software firm Neenan Partners has introduced Version 3.0 of its TwinView Studio portable usability testing software. New features include: a redesigned interface; the ability to change event marker button categories on the fly; and a new carrying case. All of the hardware, except for the computer, is now contained in one small case. As a result, by loading TwinView Studio software on a laptop, users can fit the entire product in a computer carrying case. TwinView Studio provides digital video recording and data that includes: synchronized, face and screen captures; highlights of mouse and click activities; real-time marking and annotating of key points; sort and filter of clips for creating highlight videos; digita! recording backup to CD-R; structured data fields; data management in text or graphics mode; and highlighted data exported to Excel.