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Qualitative platform

Recollective is a community-based platform for online qualitative research with powerful social and activity-based features that deliver rich insights. Delivered in a visually rich interface, inspired by modern web design, Recollective enables researchers to engage participants and reveal deep insights quickly and cost-effectively.

Launched in late 2011 to offer intuitive research software that expands on traditional capabilities, Recollective combines the social interactions of an online community with a professionally designed suite of both qualitative and quantitative research tools. Recollective includes social media-style news feeds of responses, comments and discussions. These streams can be filtered by segment, participant, activity, task and discussion to quickly view content, photo walls, video walls and a chart dashboard.

Recollective training webpage showing heat graphs with emojis for better visualization.

Easily create customized activities containing any number of tasks that can be open-ended text, photo upload, video (upload or webcam), poll questions, images to review and annotate, file uploads, card sorts and more. Sequence and track completion. Unique to Recollective, any response, discussion post, private message or comment can be excerpted online and saved verbatim. Each excerpt can be tagged with one or more codes defined on-the-fly, then annotated, charted and exported into a report. Participants can drop markers onto images or videos and leave detailed commentary to provide visual feedback. Choose from unlimited marker types, set how many markers need to be used and then review everything as heat maps, charts and data tables.

Create as many segments as you need and assign participants to as many as applicable. Combine segment data with custom profile fields/logic to automate assignment to Smart Segments then reveal activities or analyze response based on segment.

Recollective offers both technology and research services to customers. Each site can be custom branded, fully mobile- and tablet-ready and can support small or large populations for any duration required. Request a free demo and consultation today – we offer 24/7 support and sales help.