Unlocking access at scale to B2B expertise

It's notoriously hard to find a representative sample for many B2B research use cases. That problem has now been solved with the NewtonX Knowledge Graph and its ability to find niche audiences at scale.

It addresses where traditional expert networks and closed panels fail: they don’t cover enough expertise to account for any potential audience a client could request. You would need millions of panel respondents to be prepared for any combination of audience specs. 

The Knowledge Graph – our search engine for people, specifically B2B professionals – turns that system on its head. It’s the central element in our custom recruiting process, which finds the exact professionals that leading enterprises need critical insights from. Rather than pull from a closed pool of respondents in a traditional panel, we developed the Graph that sources from an open network of 1.1 billion B2B professionals across over 140 industries. Our AI provides a level of granularity unheard of in B2B
market research. 

How it works

  1. Input: We take your business question and translate it to an advanced query composed of over 40 distinct search fields. We’re able to account for geography, product knowledge, seniority and more.
  2. Refine: We then string together multiple fields to ensure you’re speaking to the right audience. Looking for CRM software decision makers who work at Fortune 500 health care companies? We’ll find them.
  3. Identify: The final query is then pushed out through our API to scan professional networks and any other sites with publicly available profiles.
  4. Compile: Before reaching out, we assemble a targeted list of professionals, ensuring you get the largest possible reach without compromising specificity.

We don’t put out a mass call for responses from a large pool of anonymous people who were not ID-verified. Rather than weeding out the wrong respondents, we precisely target the right people in the first place. We know who they are before we even send them a survey. Our rigorous selection process allows us to find verified professionals who meet any number of specific criteria. As a result, the Graph enables zero fraud in the data.

It has fueled critical business decisions for leading organizations like Microsoft, Salesforce, McKinsey, Pinterest and Figma. It’s provided insights for Fortune, Adweek and GreenBook’s GRIT to help field research that advances the insights industry.  

It’s the new source of truth for B2B research data. 


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