Editor's note: Joe Rydholm can be reached at joe@quirks.com.

As I write this in late September, there’s still a good a good chunk of 2022 left but, being in the publishing and event space, we can’t help but start looking ahead to 2023. Along with our established slate of Quirk’s Events for next year (Chicago, March 27-28; London, May 3-4; and New York, July 19-20) we’re excited to announce that we’ll be back on the West Coast in 2023 with our Quirk’s Event Los Angeles on February 22-23.

We had long planned to return to California after holding events in Orange County in 2017 and 2018 (even though a local power grid failure on Day 2 of the 2017 event certainly isn’t something we’d like to relive) but the pandemic had other ideas. Instead, we staged three virtual events across an eight-month span in 2020-2021!

As big believers in research (surprise!) we learn from the data we gather during and after our events and with our two U.S. conferences being in the Midwest and East Coast, we knew we needed to reengage with researchers west of the Rockies, whether vendors or client-siders, so a return to California is a natural expansion for us.

Serving corporate researchers is in our DNA. Always has been – from the day back in 1986 that one-time corporate researcher Tom Quirk published the first issue of Quirk’s Marketing Research Review – always will be. Thus it’s been interesting to watch as some MR industry organizations have shifted their longstanding focus from research vendors to those on the client side, almost as if they felt they’d suddenly discovered an audience whose needs were not being met by anyone else. That’s fine, though. We’ll just keep doing what we’ve been doing for over 35 years!

On that note, while I have you, if you’re a corporate researcher, I hope you’ll consider speaking at a 2023 Quirk’s event. One of the wonderful benefits of our longevity is the relationships we’ve esta...