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Vennli, a market research firm driven by primary quantitative and qualitative data, delivers quick, custom research and compelling market insights that help brands differentiate from competitors and win customer choice.

Recognized by MarTech Outlook as a Top 100 Startup in 2021, Vennli is the brainchild of co-founders Dr. Joe Urbany, a marketing professor at the University of Notre Dame with a proven strategy model, and Gary Gigot, a software executive with a background in technology marketing and venture capital.

Vennli has built its philosophy around Dr. Urbany’s three-circle model. Featured in the Harvard Business Review and explained in detail in his book, “Grow by Focusing on What Matters,” this system enables Vennli clients to understand what customers want, who is delivering in the market, and where customer needs are not met.

With a unique blend of expertise and tech, Vennli has streamlined the market research process, saving their clients time and money and delivering insights so brands can confidently make decisions. By analyzing how customers make choices and what motivates employees, brands can reduce risk and accelerate growth.

Vennli believes that the best strategies aren’t top-down, they’re outside-in – starting with the customers’ needs and wants. Continuous growth results when the customer’s voice drives decision-making and employees are committed to the brand.