Editor's Note: WEVO teamed up with Vaan to discuss the best ways to do a creative web design and show the data needed on September 21, 2022. Duration 32:33.

You’ve been there before. The web design battle royale: team creative and marketing vs. team UX and insights. With moves like: “It looks too busy” and “But the data says blue performs better.” The battle wages on. But why should we expect anything different when these are separate departments vying for domain over the organization’s most important digital property? Why is there no prevailing framework nor tools to unite the two?

The all-too-common results tell the same story: it’s why over-optimized sites lack soul and depart from the brand. It’s also why people rage-click all over sites led by the creative team alone.

This is a tale as old as time and it's time for the tale to change. Why can’t a site look and feel incredible AND perform well? Join Xavier Armand, co-founder and CEO at Vaan, and Jenni Bruckman, VP of customer success and strategic partnerships at WEVO, as they discuss how to quantify the qualitative and showcase the process, framework, tools and proof points that bring brand-forward web design to life. 

Key takeaways: