Vice President,Fieldwork Seattle

As a company that has specialized in recruiting for over 35 years, Fieldwork has implemented dramatic changes in recruiting methods. As in most industries, technology has made a big difference in our operations, giving us new ways to reach the ever-more-specific targets our clients need as respondents. However, qualitative research is still about quality and nothing can replace some trusted quality-control methods in making sure clients get engaged, articulate respondents who really are who they say they are. We would like to give you some insight into what we do and what we have learned over the years, how we are changing and what that means to you. The more you know about what’s actually happening in the recruiting room, the more you can rest easy that you are going to get the quality insights you need. 

The permissioned database is still the most important element to good recruiting but only if it’s healthy.

Many of our recruits require us to go beyond our database but it’s an essential starting point. Opt-in databases today are not just a random collection of names, contact information and basic demographics. They are sophisticated pieces of software that allow us to track an array of specific information from medical profiles to buying preferences to political attitudes. A healthy database is not just large and information-rich, however. A truly healthy database is updated and cleaned constantly.

Pro tip: Don’t just ask, “How many MS patients are in your database?” Ask, “How many MS patients have valid contact information and how many can you recruit in your experience?” 

The future: Fieldwork is constantly making major improvements to our database technology to keep up with security and to streamline administration so our recruiters can focus on the personal side of recruiting that ensures high quality and show-rates.