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Denver, CO

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Company Description

In-person, online…anywhere, L&E Research is the qualitative research partner you’ve been looking for, with over 96% of our clients highly recommending our work.  L&E's Denver facility is a 40-minute drive from Denver International Airport (DIA) located in downtown Denver. This facility has three suites, a sensory room and test kitchen, which include the following amenities: 1) A sensory and testing facility for traditional taste tests and CLT's that is equipped with both consumer and commercial kitchens as well as break-out focus group rooms. It's the ideal space for testing both qual and quant. 2) All the leading HD video conferencing, web streaming and digital recording technologies, including L&E HD Video Streaming and FocusVision.

Year Established:   1984

Number of Employees:   275



Air-Conditioning | Audio Recording | Catering | White Board / Flip Chart | Handicapped Access | Internet | Laptop Computers | Windows Computers | Projector | Reception / Waiting Room | Recruitment Services | Transcription Services | Translation Services | Television / Monitors | Video Recording | Wifi | Incentive Management | Refrigeration | Freezers

Rooms Available

Room #1
Style: Kitchen
Capacity: 12
Size: 63x20
Room #2
Style: Flexible
Capacity: 12
Size: 30x17
Room #3
Style: Flexible
Capacity: 10
Size: 20x12
Room #4
Style: Flexible
Capacity: 10
Size: 20x12
Room #5
Style: Flexible
Capacity: 12
Size: 18.5x18.5
1614 15th St., Suite 100
Denver, CO 80202
United States

Distance From Airport: 24 miles
Travel Time: 40 minutes

Location Type: Office building

Customer Contact(s):
Heidi Garinger, Director of Client Solutions
  • 877-344-1574
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Affiliations & Certifications
AMA (United States) | Insights Association (United States) | Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) (United States)