Precision Research, Inc.

Chicago, IL

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Company Description

Advanced recruiting system yields richer results and nationwide capabilities. True B2B specialists. We are hunters. We don't simply rely on what is in our database today. Chicago research center features: auto showroom for up to four cars; commercial test kitchen; seating for 70-person studies and space for large displays (appliances, shopping isles, etc.). Our advanced recruiting system prevents cheaters and affordably identifies low incidence respondents. Recruiting is audio recorded and validated to ensure accuracy. We recruit via our proprietary panel or client lists.

Year Established:   1959

Number of Employees:   25



Air-Conditioning | Audio Recording | Catering | White Board / Flip Chart | Handicapped Access | Internet | Laptop Computers | Mac Computers | Moderating Services | On-Site Parking | Patio or Garden | Windows Computers | Projector | Reception / Waiting Room | Recruitment Services | Transcription Services | Translation Services | Television / Monitors | Video Recording | Wifi

Rooms Available

Room #1
Style: Conference
Capacity: 25
Size: 26x29
Room #2
Style: Conference
Capacity: 16
Size: 15x26
Room #3
Style: Conference
Capacity: 16
Size: 15x26
Room #4
Style: Conference
Capacity: 12
Size: 24x36
Room #5
Style: Conference
Capacity: 26
Size: 26x64
999 E. Touhy Ave., Suite 100
Des Plaines, IL 60018
United States

Distance From Airport: 2
Travel Time: 10

Customer Contact(s):
Scott Adleman, President
  • 847-390-8666
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Affiliations & Certifications
AMA (United States) | Insights Association (United States) | Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) (United States)