Sago Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

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Company Description

Sago is a leading global research partner that puts the human voice at the center of everything we do. By providing unparalleled access to audiences, comprehensive solutions, and market research expertise, we help clients connect human answers to pressing business questions. Leaning into our nearly 60-year legacy of impact and standing behind our dedicated team of experts, we help clients gain a deeper understanding of what their customers truly want and demand, empowering them to make informed decisions with unwavering confidence. At the heart of Sago is a commitment to improving the human experience in research, relentless innovation, and changing the world through our work. Sago is your trusted partner on the journey to customer-centric excellence.

Year Established:   1966

Number of Employees:   1400


Rooms Available

Room #1
Style: Flexible
Capacity: 18
Size: 17x20
Room #2
Style: Flexible
Capacity: 18
Size: 17x21
Room #3
Style: Flexible
Capacity: 14
Size: 24x15
Room #4
Style: Flexible
Capacity: 20
Size: 20x40
Room #5
Style: Flexible
Capacity: 15
Size: 20x40
Room #6
Style: Conference
Size: 12x7
8320 Bellona Ave., Suite 220
Baltimore, MD 21204
United States

Distance From Airport: 21 miles
Travel Time: 30 minutes

Location Type: Office building

Customer Contact(s):
Court Glaus, Associate Director, Facility Operations
  • 410-286-1480
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Affiliations & Certifications
ESOMAR (International) | EphMRA (International) | Insights Association (United States) | Intellus | MRS (United Kingdom)